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9/21/2019 7:59:42 PM

I'm done with Destiny for now

This post is feedback for Bungie, so let me start by saying you can keep the flaming comments down as I will not be reading any responses, it's just my 2 cents. I'm a Y1 Destiny player and it was my daily life (too much of it like a lot of us). Later in D1, they started tying everything to "forced play". To get the good stuff , you HAVE to raid, you have to do Crucible, etc. Personally, I did the Raids, but blocking out 2 hours back then late at night made home life unbearable, so I stopped. I liked Crucible but got tired of the hate mail because I shoulder charged them too much, used my shotgun too much, etc., so I stopped that. The BEST thing Bungie did late in D1 was to tie upgrades to exotic engrams. You want to get them raiding? Fine. Crucible? Fine. PVE? Fine. At the end of D1 I still had 90+ exotics engrams packed away. Then comes D2 and it's back to the old philosophy. Want this gun? You HAVE to do Crucible. Want the masterwork for that gun you already earned? It might drop if you raid forever. The last straw is the Bad Juju. I put in all the time to get the discounts (took a while because I don't do the Crucible ones), but with 3 characters I still knocked it out. I started buying tributes and got the Juju. I bought more for the catalyst only to find you can't buy them all. To get to 45 I would have to do each Raid, Crucible, etc. Forced playing again. I don't take all the time to google everything like some so if I had learned you can't buy them (still took a ton of time to earn materials, etc), I would have stopped at the gun. You guys should take a note from other games like STO. You want this ship or a certain item? you just buy it. You but it with currency earned playing the game HOWEVER you like. It's all tied to time put in, but you can do they activities you enjoy. No, I'm not a whiner or complainer. I play this game to have fun and enjoy grinding for things, but to lock it behind types of gameplay some of us don't enjoy gives us no reason to play it anyway. I know you do this to get the metrices up to say "Look at how much crucible is played. Look how many raids are done". I'm confident that if you made it "play by choice", there would be even more activity. For example, make bounties "get 20 kills in Crucible" OR 50 kills in strikes OR 50 kills in Gambit, etc". Some people would love doing only Crucible and skipping PVE. Some would like to do everything in raids. Some just do PVE. It's just my opinion that I have heard from others as well, but for me, for now... I'm done. I purchased Shadowkeep and will try it out, but if it's the same forced play, then I'm out. It's been a great run for many years.



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