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Factions.The Poll.

D1 Vendor Style


D2 Rally Style


Attention Community, and Community Managers: The question: Why is there no plans to bring back Factions in D2? The Solution: Well hopefully the community responds in such that D1 Factions should return to D2. Community Managers: Your company has stated that creating content is hard and time consuming. The Solution: Just port/code the Factions from D1 into D2 just like every returning exotic from D1. Think Exotic bonds which we are missing. Now this may seem to be easier than said but it's something. Some additional changes that could be added: 1. Exotic Quest at lvl 50 and 100, possibly future quests, Exotic Bonds 2. Faction backstory quests, and missions 3. #imwith(insert faction here) Community vote, comment and subsc....oh wait nevermind Community Managers, let's talk, seriously.



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