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Let’s talk warlock melee

It’s cool that you balanced warlock melee base range down to the hunters and titans but there is still a huge problem with this that hasn’t been resolved since vanilla destiny 2, the fact that titans and hunters melee speed is way faster warlocks do not stand a chance. In destiny 1 understand that warlocks melee range could be a bit too much but there melee speed was never as fast as the titans or the hunters unless you added melee speed gauntlets to your arsenal but the fact that doesn’t exist in destiny 2 the warlocks melee is beneath and unbalanced. 10/10 times if a warlock faces a Titan or a hunter in a melee battle the warlock will lose and this has been an issue since vanilla that hasn’t been brought up to speed. Possible fixes could be up melee range just a hair to compensate slow warlock melee speed or just tune the warlocks base melee to be as fast as other class melees. This isn’t just for PvP this is also a crucial PvE aspect as well, I could sit here and explain why but if y’all are reading this you probably have played the game and understand why already.



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