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9/21/2019 3:20:04 AM

My current opinion

Pvp sucks as a whole, the redrix quest I decided to finish made me realize how much I hate pvp in this game. Rumble is a nightmare, and pinnacle weapons in my opinion were the worst thing you brought into this game. Why should they be let loose in quickplay or rumble when people who don’t have them are being forced into those playlists for quest steps? If it were left up to me pvp wouldn’t exist at all in its current form. I don’t see anything coming in shadowkeep that makes me think it’s going to be any better either. You can take the insta kills and shove them, that includes recluse, jotunn, colony, and every other weapon you have that doesn’t require some form of skill to use. Could I do better if I gave a crap and used those weapons, yes. But I shouldn’t have to, how inviting is that to all these new players your supposedly trying to bring in with new light? I’d play about 2 matches and never play pvp again as a new player currently. You really need locked loadouts in pvp and comp especially since after people get down a little they switch to the pinnacle bs that people are in there chasing, to win the match. The whole pvp experience is miserable for myself that has a regular job that don’t involve playing all day. Just really not a fan of what’s currently going on and well not excited about anything you’ve said about pvp yet I don’t read comments on my feedback post so talk all you want I won’t read or see any comments to this



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