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Create a weapon rotation of year 2 gear in Menagerie moving forward into Shadowkeep

I love the fact that you can farm specific items that you want but it would be even better if you cycled through different weapons week to week so that we can farm our favorite gears of year 2 as we move forward into Shadowkeep. Week 1 (The current list) - SMG - Sniper rifle - Hand Cannon - Rocket Launcher (3) + Fixed Odds - Sidearms - Fusion rifles - Shotguns Week 2 (New cycle) - SMG->Scout rifle - Sniper rifle-> Pulse Rifle - Hand cannon-> Auto Rifle - Rocker Launchers+Fixed Odds-> Swords + Crooked Fang - Sidearms-> Combat Bows - Fusion rifles-> Grenade Launchers (who doesn't want a god roll Edge Transit amiright?) - Shotguns-> Random with a chance for Exotic drop The rune text would switch each week to reflect the new farmable weapon type for that week. This would create interest each week to visit Menagerie for that elusive roll on year 2 gear that you would like to add to your backpack.



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