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The Streamer.

🤓 🎙🖥 Hey everyone it's time for another action packed and fantastic episode of Larry the Loosers Streaming video on tips, tactics and how you should live your D2 Lives❗ 🖱⌨ 🖥 Oh today you are in for a real treat as I bloviat my Pearl's of wisdom to you all on the proper use of a keyboard and mouse. 🤓🎙 But first I just want to take a moment to pan around my awesome studio here. 🎥 Check this out boys and girls❗ This is my rad and way cool poster collection of all things Destiny and on top of the dryer in my one room apartment is my state of the art audio equipment. SWEET❗Just make sure to hit the SUBSCRIBER BUTTON❗And now the moment you all been waiting for....... 📢 Loud voices can be heard outside saying: Is this the right place? Followed by yes and a banging on the door! 🤓🎙 Just a moment my loyal fan base I have to go see who is at my door. 📢 Larry timidly answers the door. Standing before him is a guy with an eviction notice, a Cop and 6 big dudes in moving uniforms. 🤓 Hey wait a minute I just need a little more time. My Channel is about to take off! I have 300 SUBSCRIBERS❗ 📢 A plug is pulled 🔌and a video feed goes blank. Delusions of grandeur go down the toilet. 🚽 Our Streamer finds himself on the front lawn surrounded by all of his worldly possessions. He hears a voice pop into his head: It's the immortal Yoda from Star Wars: Yes yes. A real job it was you should have had! Pissed into the wind you did and now covered with it you are❗ 📢 6 Months later: 2 Scruffy Dudes stand by a fire warming themselves in a homeless camp in LA: 🤪 That Dude over there is NUTS❗Keeps talking into that broken old TV 📺 about this bungie cat and some kinda video show and his fans. I would stay far away from that special kind of crazy❗ 📢 Moral of the story: This is just a game we all love to play. Family, Friends and Work come first. Nothing replaces a real job that pays the bills❗



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