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9/21/2019 11:31:16 AM

Please stop making me play PvP for exotics

Absolutely love Destiny, love the story, love the gear, love the lack of Activision. I’ve sunk a fair few hours into Destiny 1 & 2 and am looking forward to sinking even more into them but, if there’s one thing that has never failed to randomly turn me off, it’s getting excited about a new exotic that I really want and then finding out that I’ve got to invest hours into PvP to get it. I may well be on my own here but I didn’t get into Destiny because the PvP was anything special, I got into it because I knew that Bungie would deliver an awesome sci-fi RPG following all of the amazing work you guys did with Halo. PvP stresses me out, I get worked up and then I don’t want to play anymore. It’s cool that it’s a major part of the game and it’s even cool that I should have to play PvP to get certain achievements. I just wish that I could get me an exotic hand cannon without grinding out many hours of PvP (because I suck at it). Anyways, keep cranking out the awesome storyline guys, you’re doing an awesome job!



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