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9/15/2019 3:18:18 AM

Unable to access The Taken King Collector's Edition digital content

Hi, I've been playing Destiny 1 again the last couple days, and noticed a couple of things have gone awry. I'm on Xbox one, always been on XBO, same account (SapphirosGLR), never switched either of them. It seems that I'm unable to use/access my Taken King Collector's Edition digital content, such as shaders and emotes, and my exotic class item is straight up gone. The shaders and emotes just say "Requires The Taken King Collector's Edition" in a red bar when I hover over them. I own the content, and I checked that it's installed. Examples of the issue are in pics linked. Let me know if anyone has a fix for this. I'd love to have those beautiful class items and what is one of my favorite shaders back.



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