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9/5/2019 3:40:57 AM

Questions about cross saving and legacy accounts from an old destiny 1 player

Hello all, As you can already tell from the title, I am a returning destiny 1 player. I used to play the original game on xbox 360 and had many great times beating raids, playing crucible, going to the lighthouse, ect. I noticed the exiting news about destiny 2 and decided I'd give it a shot. Thing is, I want to play on PC with my old 360 guardians. I figured out that you cant buy destiny 2 right now because the link doesn't work. I'm not sure about consoles. However, I theorized that if I buy the original destiny for xbox one, the console will recognize my 360 characters. Once I've done this, I can wait for destiny 2 new light to release for free on xbox one and pc on oct 1. I will it start it up on xbox one and it should recognize my destiny 1 guardians and play that nostalgic intro cinematic. once I've had the enjoyment of watching that, I can then proceed to sync my xbox guardians to destiny 2 light on PC. Then, I can play my beloved old hunter on pc throughout destiny 2. Is my theory correct? I know this is rather complicated, and I thank whoever made it through my wall of text! Also, I have two final questions. 1: do I even need to buy the original destiny on xbox one for destiny 2 new light to recognize the fact I played destiny on xbox 360 (same account of course)? 2: will legacy accounts still be a thing when new light drops? Thanks so much!



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