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Thank you Bungie, You saved me when no one else would

I am a depressed mess. I have severe anxiety and am depressed. Sometimes it gets to a point where I'm suicidal. It got so bad I went out and got arrested. I don't commit crimes anymore, but I'm losing most of my friends. If only they knew how I felt. I feel so alone and horrible sometimes. Someone I knew just commit suicide too. He was just like me. He seemed so happy. I'm a good actor too. My condition gets worse and worse since I stopped going to therapy and have refused to get diagnosed. It's not really a question of "if I will commit suicide," it's more of a "when?" I want to thank you Bungie, for making a game so engaging. When I play I forget about these horrible feelings. I would say this game saved me. I love this game more than anything. I may trash talk the game when I'm mad but I genuinely love this game. It's the only reason I ever feel accomplished. I love all the content you put out. Thank you for continuing to save me until I decide it's time. When I die, can you do something for me? Well not necessarily for me. It's for my best friend. I don't really talk to him since I'm self destructive. He's always had my back and I know he'll be devastated by my death. I just wanted to repay him in some way. Maybe an exotic called "The Legacy," or something. I'll tell you his gamertag when it's time. You can confirm my death when it's on the news. Thank you for this amazing game Bungie. Edit 1: I don't expect Bungie to do anything for me. I just wanted to thank them on making such an amazing game; furthermore saving my life. They are the reason I'm still here. Hopefully Destiny can continue saving my life Edit 2: Stop saying do drugs. I experimented with many and they made me feel worse in the long run. They are what caused me to start cutting. Don't worry, I stopped cutting, but I'm reminded everyday when I see the scars on my legs Edit 3: I actually love when someone posts KYS. I have a dark sense of humor and find it really funny. Whoever puts kys is a total savage. Thank you to all the people backing me up though. I greatly appreciate it Edit 4: thank you all for helping me. I'll try talking to someone tomorrow. If things don't go to well there will be a "guardian down" next week. Thank you all. I'll hate to not be able to continue playing this game if the time comes soon. Thank you so much Bungie for making a game that can help people like me. I'll miss all of this



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