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Exotic weps. Hidden Perk List

Just compiling the hidden perks if anyone else knows any more comment below to add it for the community :) [u][b]Thunderlord[/b][/u]: Arcfly(enemies explode sometimes) -confirmed- [b][u]Thorn[/u][/b]: overpenetrates and highlights argets(before mark of the devourer perk upgrades) -Confirmed- [b][u]Super good advice[/u][/b]: Hip Fire-unconfirmed- [u][b]Gjallahorn[/b][/u]: Proximity detonation-confirm- [u][b]Mida multi-tool:[/b][/u] High caliber rounds(staggers all oponents except ultras)-confirmed- [b]No Land Beyond[/b]:Unknown [u][b]Vex mythoclast[/b][/u]: Increase d Non-precision shots damage on majors. -confirmed- [u][b]Bad juju: [/b][/u]no ammo used when auto reload activates(infinite ammo with kills) Rangefinder-confirmed- / string of curses(when shooting hive wall explosive barrels)-Confirmed- [b][u]Icebreaker[/u][/b]:unknown [u][b]Universal Remote:[/b][/u] shot package -confirmed- [u][b]Pocket infinity[/b][/u]: rangefinder (while in full auto)/ less damage per chained shot-unconfirmed- [u][b]PlanC[/b][/u]:snapshot-Confirmed-/ rangefinder-unconfirmed- [u][b]Suros Regime[/b][/u]: trigger finger (fires faster like a scout rifle when aiming down after slow firing perk/availlable on all ARs)false perk [b]Red Death[/b]: counterbalance/ health regen activates by destroying hive wall of darkness, explosive barrels, trip mines, shock grenades, swarm grenades-confirmed- [b][u]Truth[/u][/b]: Tripod -confirm- /snapshot [b][u]Necrochasm[/u][/b]: unknown [b]The Last Word[/b]: Range Finder -Unconfirmed- [b]The 4th horsmen[/b]:Unknown [b]Monte Carlo[/b]: Shooting grenades, explosive barrels activates ability -unconfirmed- [b]Hawkmoon[/b]: Unknown [b]Invective[/b]: Unknown [b]Hardlight[/b]: Unknown [b]Dragonsbreath[/b]:unknown [b]Patience and Time[/b]: Snapshot-unconfirmed- [b]Celestial Nighthawk[/b]: Icarus-confirmed- (small increased accuracy after jump) [b][u]Khepri's sting[/u][/b]: Mark of the devourer( causing damage while invisible poisons the target/golden gun) -confirmed Special thanks to HungryEric/CaptnKC/PrometheusMRK00 for providing constant testing and the community for providing such great info! Keep it up! :) [b]EDIT[/b]: If you believe these are wrong i can test your theories and double check for accuracy. These were all from the community so if you believe the perk is different do tell please thanks! [b][u]EDIT 2 [/u][/b]: Spread the thread the more people that share info the faster we can find other hidden perks! :) [b]EDIT 3[/b]:Heart of praxic fire: Duration does not fall under cooldown. [b]EDIT 4 [/b]: Vex mythoclast v.s. cabal level 17 No kills prior.(no active crowd control) [b]Normal[/b] enemies(red health lvl17) legionaire= 142Damage [b]Majors[/b](yellow health lvl17) Legionaire=152 Damage [b]EDIT 5[/b] Helm of saint-14 does not heal. ward of dawn heals.confirmed. [b]EDIT 6[/b]: Bad juju has increased range when aimed down. Bad JuJu v.s. Devil Walker major. Non presicion hits [b]Hip fire:[/b] 9dmg [b]ADS[/b]: 12dmg [b]EDIT 7 [/b]: Plan C's quickdraw and singlepoint are part of the main perk so they go withouth mention. [b]EDIT 8[/b] Red Death. No increased damage at critical health levels Thanks CaptnKC [b]EDIT 9[/b] NLB has no increase or decreased dmg dependant on range. No change at long mid or close range, and no armor piercing rounds. [b]EDIT 10[/b]:Universal Remote's universal remote upgrade, increases damage and range not spread. [b]EDIT 11[/b]: Super Good Advice can hit oracles,oversoul and detention fields counting as "miss" this is part of the main perk so doesnt count as hidden perk. [b]EDIT 12[/b]: Icebreaker can cancel the knight's wall of darkness as its being deployed as well as other high DMG and impact guns. Icebreaker deploys a special ammo glitch which allows the drop of more special ammo. [b]EDIT 13[/b]: NLB collateral (armor piercing rounds)



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