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10/22/2020 7:28:13 PM
Please watch the videos, they are some of the best I've found. Go into private matches to learn names of map locations (name is on the left side of screen), good for callouts when you play in a team. That can help with map knowledge and then you can also practice jumps and how to travel around the map.     Playing in the mornings can be easier than in the evenings. My favorite is weekend mornings.     Using meta weapons and a strong offensive super definitely helps. Use what works, use want Bungie gives you that is strong and don't mind what people say about "cheap" weapons. Take what's yours!     If you cant find good people in LFG to play with, its probably because their skill level is better than yours (no offense meant), I also run into this issue. I have an approximate 1.2 KD and 1.7 KDA. I try to use solo matchmaking help me find friends. If you play some matches and you like one or two people you played with, send them a "GG" good game, and ask if they would like to party up and play together. Why I think this is a good idea, Bungie matched you up with them, they probably have a similar skill level and are in a similar spot in grinding glory.     Use bonus points to your advantage. If you play 3 games a week, you can get a 120 glory bonus. If you play all 12 weeks, that’s 1440 free points. You only need 660 points to get to fabled.     Practice in Rumble or QP new weapons and supers     Practice in Rumble your one on one skills. If you cant kill one person by yourself, it will be much harder for you to help out your team.  Maybe invite other people you see struggling in PvP and invite them to play private matches and work on one on one skills or 4 vs 4 or whatever. Grow together.   Probably common knowledge, If you are the only one with a super, that can be a great time to use yours. No one around to counter you easily with a super of their own. Also you start generating orbs for your team mates so they can get their supers going.     Watch Youtube strategy videos from Coolguy, True Vanguard, CammyCakes, Aztecross Gaming. Some of these guys even have their own Discord channels where you can LFG with their fans. I had good success with Coolguys.     Some videos to improve game play.     Super Mods, weapon scavenger perks, targeting Mods, Reload Mods, Dexterity and resilience Mods. Masterwork armor for more defense while in super form.     On console, I use jumper controls. It allows me to punch and jump without having to take my thumb off of the look stick (practice new controls in pve, try doing a jumping punch (or shotgun) on someone's head). I also use an Elite controller, it allows me to put a button on the bottom of the controller so I can crouch or slide without taking my thumbs off the sticks. I recently started putting a button under the controller for the action button so I can shoot while I revive or disactivate a bomb and not be a sitting duck. The elite controller allows me to play other games and make the button layout identical to destiny so my buttons don't get mixed up in my head.

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