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New pvp idea.

No idea if anyone from bungie ever reads any of these posts but I thought I’d try. My idea for a new pvp mode: So, I’ve always wanted a call of duty gun game mode in d2, using the exotics (gun game for those unaware, gives all players a random gun to start, when you get a kill with that gun the game swaps out that gun for a different one, the game keeps swapping out guns on kills until a player gets 25 kills or the time runs out- winner is then chosen on who had the highest number of kills.) But I think a mixture of a battle royal (mini) with the gun game mode inserted would be amazing in destiny. So. What I’m imagining is starting with one of the patrol zones in the game, let’s say the cosmodrome. Wall off around the first landing zone depending on technical limitations (the entire cosmodrome area would be incredible thou!) then add in buildings and tunnels linking areas on the map. Then add random armour drops and some guns across the map, the armour would enable assess to other parts of the map, example, finding stompies would enable players to get onto roof tops. Let players find a limited number of starter weapons which they have a one time per life option to switch out the randomly assigned gun that the game spawns them in with. So let’s say, the game spawns me in with a mida multi tool. I get a kill, the game swaps out my mida for a random selection of any of the destiny primary weapons. Each time I die, I spawn in with the same gun, until I get a kill. The objective of the game is to get 25 kills with randomly provided exotics. The guns would be in a random order everytime for all players. The breakdown for victory would be; 10 primary kills. 10 special kills And 5 heavy kills. Some times your first weapon might be say truth or colony, other times it could be rat king or sturm 😂 There’s no balancing as all players have access to the same chance of guns. No abilities. No supers. The armour pick ups would all be time limited, say you find a one eyed mask, the benefits would last one minute of the game or until you get a kill, with the idea, players can’t settle on finding one armour piece and using it as a crutch all game. Keep players moving, trying to get kills to win and to provide a clear benefit of having an exotic armour piece equipped. The game could also have random events happening in each match, like a public event with enemies to focus or even prevent players from either staying in one area too long or for example, near the end of a game or if players quit the game, rasputin could order watsats to rain down in certain areas to move players into a smaller area in order to bring the game to conclusion, to prevent some one getting say 15 kills them camping and waiting for the time to end in order to win the game. Thanks to anyone for making it this far!! I feel like this could be the perfect game mode for destiny. It’s fair and balanced, the game would promote map awareness and gun skill with the entire arsenal that destiny provides rather than being pigeonholed into one play style. The game mode could have its own battle pass with rewards for the rest of the game put into it. Have lots of random box type awards with can give anything from glimmer to exotic engrams (which don’t auto decrypt, make it special by needing to take them to the cryptarc again please!! And give it one kick ass armour set to unlock as you play. The game mode will reward time spent playing just as much as winning, enabling ALL players to complete the season IF they spend enough time playing. Give a gold version of the armour set if the title is also earned this would have requirements like x number of headshots in the mode. Total number of kills. X hours played And a few secret achievements. Thanks for reading!

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