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2/16/2020 6:56:15 PM

Bounty Hunter Daily Reset Write-Up for 2.16.20

Just a reminder: To save myself some time with updating the website every day, I’ve changed the format of it. Check the [url=https://sabrosensix.-blam!]Anywhere[/url] page for the bounties you can do anywhere in the game. Any bounties that can be done in patrol zones will be listed as such. Then check the page for the activity you’re heading into to see if any activity-specific bounties are available for the day. There’s a description of each page on the homepage of Bounty Hunter. Pitter Patter! Today we’re looking at what can be done in [url=https://sabrosensix.-blam!]Gambit Prime[/url]. Since there are a few days left of optimal Fractaline Investing for the Obelisks, make sure that you have the Gambit Fractaline Extractor from the Tangled Shore Obelisk at level 3. Suggested Loadout for Today: Go Bow and Sniper in Kinetic and Energy, Rocket Launcher in Heavy. Make your weapons Solar. Use a Solar subclass for the Grenade kills and a Void subclass for the ability kills. Get finisher kills. This loadout covers Banshee-44's Calibrations for today and Drifter's [i]REAPER: Reaping with the Basics, Lest it Stare Back, and Final Ploy. [/i] Super kills and masterwork weapons will help with Drifter’s [i]Might of the Traveler[/i] weekly. Before You Head Out: Be sure to pick up the [i]Field Calibration[/i] weekly bounty from Banshee-44. In Gambit Prime: Today you’ll be looking to play anywhere from 5-10 matches of Gambit Prime, however long it takes you to complete Drifter’s [i]Yes Sir, I’m a Closer[/i] weekly Prime bounty. The toughest bounty for today might be getting Guardian kills using your super for Drifter’s[i] INVADER: Supercharged. [/i] Other than that, defeat enemies without dying, defeat high-value targets, send over different sized blockers, drain motes from the opposing team’s bank, and defeat a primeval. With any luck you’ll pull a few Cabal rounds to work on Saint-14’s dailies. Defeat Powerful Cabal for his [i]All Powerful[/i] and just Cabal in general for [i]Rank and File[/i]. Any challenging (orange bar enemies and higher) will knock out his [i]No Challenge Too Great[/i]. Obelisk Stuff: Kills with the Pulse Rifle you’re using for Banshee’s Calibration today will progress the Obelisk of the Tangled Shore’s [i]Finger on the Pulse[/i] weekly. If you get a Scorn match, any Scorn kills will progress its [i]No Fury Like a Guardian Scorned[/i]. Any enemies you kill will progress one objective of the Obelisk of Nessus’ [i]Hero’s Journey[/i]. Vex you defeat will count towards its [i]End Simulation[/i]. Multikills of three or more using the Scout Rifle for Banshee-44’s Calibration today will progress the Obelisk of the EDZ’s [i]Three Birds, One Stone[/i]. Precision multikills of 2 or more progresses its [i]Swift Precision[/i]. Black Armory Stuff: Be sure to grab the [i]Gambit Research Frame[/i] from Ada-1 as well as her Powerful Bow or Sniper Rifle Frame to pair with Banshee-44's Calibrations for today. Ada has 4 bounties that can be worked on in the Bergusia Forge today. Each daily rewards 2000 XP, 1 Modulus Report, 1500 Glimmer, and progress on Ada’s For the Armory weekly bounty. 2 successful Forge ignitions completes the Forging the Future weekly bounty for 3000 XP, 1 Ballistics Report, 2500 Glimmer, and a piece of Black Armory armor. Note: There’s a bug with Ada’s bounties where they aren’t awarding XP correctly. Since Bergusia Forge is in the EDZ, you can work on two of Devrim’s dailies while you’re in there. Each bounty rewards 6,000 XP and 10 Dusklight Shards. Treasure Hunts: You can make progress on Werner/Benedict 99-40’s [i]Golden Experience[/i], and [i]Salvaged Goods [/i]today. You can also progress [i]Gaze Into Death’s Eye[/i] but you’ll have to adjust your loadout accordingly. Your haul for today, without multipliers, is: 127,000 XP This doesn’t include the XP and rewards from the Obelisk bounties 4 Enhancement Cores and 8 Mod Components Progress on Banshee-44’s Weekly Challenge (4/8 Gunsmith bounties) 1 Enhancement Module 620 Infamy and 5 Synths Completion of Drifter’s Weekly Challenge (8 Gambit bounties) Gompletiong of the Gambit Weekly Challenge (3 Gambit matches) 4 Moderate Fractaline Harvests

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