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1/25/2020 9:22:19 PM

Is there any plan to make bottom dawnblade viable again?

First of all, i'm talking about console (which was the most played sandbox during the period i am bringing as an example in the link below and which is the most played sandbox right now too according to this: So, bottom dawnblade has been nerfed to the ground in the last two seasons. His popularity and win rate have never reached the top like other subclasses tho so i can't understand how those nerf could be considered needed (for example arcstrider is trending #1 in win rate since more than a year and it didn't get any change) But still someone thought that its kit was too good and needed a lot of nerfs making it useless now (we got top dawnblade which is a joke: the super sucks compared to the ither roaming supers and floating/heat rises is only good for sniping, true vanguard and few players on pc, that playstyle isn't liked at all from most of the people and that's why dawnblade impact on pvp is still really low) Warlocks only have a good (sometimes it's bugged, saaving both nade and melee is annoying, but it's really strong) roaming super right now and this is kinda boring sometimes I think that all the changes related to bottom dawnblade should be reverted: as you can see from the link i shared, it had almost no impact on the game for months and the lack of neutral game was already enough to balance it. If dawnblade's speed and duration were so strong it would have been played much more with much better results instead of averaging one of the lowest win rates and popularity. I'm not saying it wasn't good, but i would say it wasn't as easy as striker to use (which is still pretty good right now for example) I know that the stat is about top+bottom dawnblade and well of radiance, but we can assume that bottom tree was the most played among them because it was the best choice. If we don't want to assume this, it means the super was even less used so it had even less imoact on the game. You can already drop your "it was too good on pc" because as i said pc isn't the most played sandbox and here on console we have for sure one subclass which is way better than the others and no one is claiming that's a problem

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