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1/20/2020 7:04:48 PM

Are you bad if you don't play the same?

I just wanted to throw my hat in the ring here... So last week I finally got to legend on comp, big hurray and all of that good stuff. I climbed to roughly 5100 in solo queue (it was an absolute pain but I managed), so for the last 350 points (we didn't reach 5500, sadly because of some crazy sweaty lobbies) I managed to find some help from two decent players. Now these guys were unbroken and supposedly have helped some other dudes in the past reach legend, but in my case they wanted to do it in their smurf accounts all decked out in blue with barely any good end-game comp gear (now I realize that this is a matter of elo, SBM and all that Jazz, but I'm generally of the camp that if you're playing comp, you gotta bring your endgame unless you are part of that 1% that can 2 man comp only using white gear). One was playing a sniper role to grind out revoker and the other was playing with a trials shotgun and crimson. Now hands down these guys were not bad players despite their loadouts they were still getting kills and at least one of them was generally on top of me in terms of k/d throughout the games. Now despite them using their smurfs, we still got paired up with top tier players, sometimes it was a sniper god carrying his team of blue berries while other times it was just straight up sweats playing every trashy weapon (e.g. toaster, erentil, wr, full auto sidearms, etc). So of course strategies had to change midway, because the shotgun ape got mad of dying every time he went towards the enemy team and got sniped, team shot or plainly just fusion rifled. So I had to move from playing as a sniper because he wanted someone to be stuck with him at the hip every time he died because he wanted someone to clean up his kills and because "it made no sense for two snipers to be on the same team" which forced me to get my erentil and crimson out as well. Now I'm no god tier pvp player I'm just run of the mill decent. So when I'm in comp I usually play Revoker-Luna (and I rather not speak of heavy), with the mindset of being patient, I see how the other guys play, I flank 'em, bide my time and punish them when they make a mistake. I'm also the kind of player that supers when I get the chance for a play because LIVES MATTER, just to be able to start building my super by the next rounds so if everything goes right I'm sitting on a new super by the last round. But these guys, pretty much hated my tactics, they wanted me to basically take an L anytime I got surrounded with super ready, I had to keep my super in my pocket and basically never use it and the shotguner wanted me to stick to him by the hip and clean up his kills (which was nearly impossible because although he was blue, his mobility was always pretty maxed out. So I either fell behind and arrived just in time to see him get destroyed, or got picked off first only for him to start yelling again about where was his support?). Anyway after 15 games of trying to reach 5500 we called it a day and parted ways. And as I was leaving the chat, I heard him start to rant about how I couldn't stick to him. I don't know... Was I in the wrong, I mean I've played with some true aces in the past that never minded my builds and load-outs before and we've gotten along swimmingly, but with this guy... It felt like he blamed me for anything that went wrong. He gets shotgunned by a guy sitting in a corner -MY FAULT-, I can't clean up a kill because I'm respawning -MY FAULT-, I mess up my super after he did the exact same thing -MY FAULT- (okay that last one is on me but you get the idea). There were even moments were whenever I said a call out he basically just ignored me and told me to relax... Then for the rest of the game, I basically just had to shut my trap and be like a wad of gum while he spouted whatever half-assed call out he wanted. I'm grateful that these guys helped out but I honestly feel pissed anytime I think about how weird playing with them was. It kind of felt like I was a chessplayer and got drafted in the NFL with no clue how to play with the team. What do the pro pvp players say? Should I stick to my guns or start learning how to ape and make another build.

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