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Warlock Exotic Armor Buff/Change Suggestions

Title. Just some changes that I think would be very nice. I only play warlock so warlock things are all I can speak for. - Eye of Another World - triple the regeneration speed of abilities, but it only activates when enemies are marked/highlighted - The Stag - doubles the size and healing effect of your healing rifts - Apotheosis Veil - also grants an overshield to you and nearby allies - Sunbracers - activate on hit instead of kill - [b]Karnstein Armlets - after a melee kill, melee hits should create a "destiny bond" buff/debuff. The User gets the Buff while the Receiver gets the Debuff. Debuffed enemies have a portion of the damage they deal to the user reflected back at them.[/b] - Winter's Guile - melee kills double melee attack speed and grant a weak overshield that gets stronger with each kill (stacks with the damage buff) - Claws of Ahamkara - melee ability kills buff melee regeneration - Wings of Sacred Dawn - buff air time - Vesper of Radius - increase the size and damage of the shockwave and the enemy detection for rift regeneration - Sanguine Alchemy - Marked enemies take increased precision damage while standing in a rift and precision kills on marked enemies fully recharge your rift - Transversive Steps - should also buff airborne movement speed Not an exotic change but it would be cool if Stormcaller had a buff similar to Dawnblade's burst glide movement buff, but it affects the sprint. So holding shift while on the ground would allow you to move super fast. Ionic Blink should be like Icarus Dash. It would have a cooldown, and while in stormtrance the travel distance would be buffed, cooldown removed, and use super energy. Thanks for reading and I hope you consider these changes or at least something similar to them.

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