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No Land Beyond lovers please read and vote! - D2 integration ideas! (in time for Black Armoury)

This is a post to promote positivity, creativity and inspiration for a game we all love. This isn't aimed to look like whining, feeling entitled or anything like that. I love the game, I love the gun. Simple. 100% sure NLB is a Golden Age weapon so if you're bringing TLW back, this would be only be fair. It was my whole playstyle in Destiny 1 and I even helped over 100 people to the lighthouse using it so lots of fond memories. It was so unique and had such a following and skill gap that I would love to see it return with a few new changes (if you don't like the idea of just bringing the original over). Here are a few ideas I had getting all giddy thinking about how I would personally bring it into D2. Combine any number of the strengths and weakness's as you like to make it balanced in your eyes. I would personally choose: (S) Remastered 'The Master' perk (S) Lightweight frame (W) Slow fire rate and reload (W) Rechamber each bullet instead of a magazine. [u]Strength ideas:[/u] - Make it a Kinectic sniper like in D1 therefore giving it an entire mag (6) to start the game with. Collect more ammo from regular crucible kill grey ammo drops. - Leave the 'reload' glitch' in there (it kept my hands busy at the end of a round) - Rework 'The Master' to be more in line with its namesake. Give two shots upon spawn (like the other snipers) but pull one bullet from the ether and add it to the mag for each precision kill. (extra option) - consistent back to back headshots will reward +2 bullets and +3 bullets for the players 2nd and 3rd head shot in a row respectively because we will (eventually) miss a shot so these extra shots would be a nice fallback in exchange for consistent precision) - Lightweight frame to reward the mobile playstyle that it encourages - New, cleaner iron sight or the reworked Y2 D1 iron sight. [u]Weakness ideas:[/u] - Dont give it snapshot. The org didnt. It was hard to use, dont dumb it down. Make the handling so low that without the best armour perks, its VERY sluggish (think spindle if not worse at its works and a little slower than Alone as a God with the best perks) - Make it a single-shot rifle (one bullet entered into the chamber at a time - I dont mean bolt action) rather than a magazine based reload. The key point of this would be again, difficulty and character, and two: one of its intrinsic perks would be a faster 'reload' speed when you get a critical hit, preserving the perfectionist playstyle it had in D1. So if you body people, you have a SLOW rechambering animation. - Massive recoil. - Overlapping sights (OG NLB) - Long reload, like the original and slow fire rate. If you can think of any others, let me know :)

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