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5/24/2019 1:27:20 AM

New Super Idea or change. Please hear me out.

Seeing that Dawnblade (using the damn sword) is terrible and was only good when all the others were trash, I have an idea to add to the super. Attunement of Radiance/Sol (think of a better name). Perk 1: Excalibur. Using your melee ability throws your sword (like the new solar titan melee) this can penetrate enemies. Once the sword hits the floor, it will be planted in the ground like Excalibur, but it can be pulled out of the ground granting you your melee charge. This will be indestructible for 30 seconds, this will show up on the screen with a timer (This timer will still be active after death). Perk 2: The Sun's Song/ Sol's Song. Hold your grenade button and release after it turns red/white (not sure what this should be). When you throw the grenade it will divide into three of your chosen grenade (kinda like Voidwalker D1 super where it splits into 3). Perk 3: Phoenix Talons. When you are hit by an enemy (probably melee hit from an enemy), you'll release a solar explosion that has a range of approx 5-10. This will kill weak/low-level enemies and leave a fire effect on enemies that burns them for 4 seconds. Note this can only happen when you have your melee and grenade charge full. When the explosion happens it will consume half of your grenade and melee charge. Perk 4: Rise from the Ashes. When you die with a full super and have the sword stuck to the ground from [Perk 3], you will be able to resurrect where the sword was last placed(Remember the sword still has active for this to work). When you have resurrected, you will reappear like Sunsinger (Viking Funeral) and pull out the sword creating an explosion that stuns nearby enemies. Your supercharge will be consumed similar to Sunsinger (The super bar will deplete to show how much you have left and to stop infinite supers). During the first 10-15 seconds of the resurrection, you will have unlimited grenade charge and melee charge (pretty much D1 Sunsinger). Note: You will be able to use the Dawnblade normally when activated whilst alive. I understand the resurrection was not implemented in D2 for the sake of making Bungie's job of patching cheeses much easier (*Cough Crota *Cough). I have no problem with Bungie using this idea, as I don't care about credit I just want them to make Dawnbalde great again. Possible Exotics to implement with the Super, Heart of Praxic & Light Beyond Nemesis. Heart of Praxic Fire: Similar to Destiny 1 version only this, of course, applies to the new super. Light Beyond Nemesis: Similar to Destiny 1 version, only you create more ORBS!!

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