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10/11/2018 6:39:20 AM

A comforting story twist. Destiny 2.5

Rasputin, understanding the tragic death of Cayde-6 and his lethal skills, transfers his codex into Caydes' body, becoming Rasputin in Human-like form with Cayde's memory, humor, & personality. During the fusion, a Ghost appears out of nowhere like a snowflake, and it's a ghost like we've never seen before. It floats over to Cayde and grants him power from the light, fully resurrecting him. Cayde, now has his own Ghost again. A special one. His ghost can spawn a Valkyrie at any given time. Anywhere in the system, so long as it's not a Darkness Zone. Cayde, catching up w/ the One and only (of many) Guardian hero, learns that the Drifter is in the Tower, and Ana is a Bray, as in the very same people who operated on Cayde when he was a human to become an exo. (Some juicy filler details and backstory for Cayde can be applied here for story length) Cayde gets all of his memory back when he taps into the database of the Bray Facility, and finds the records containing his operation and who he was before as a human. Troubled by some of the things he remembered, he warns the guardian and eventually the vanguard to seek out the drifter in the tower. Cayde goes to the tower and finds out The Drifter is gone along w/ a shard of the traveler, and his loot. Of all things, His Loot is gone. I mean the Shard. The vanguard, failing to follow his order to seek him out, still astonished as to how he's alive. Cayde explains, spawns a valkyrie in his hands, and Cayde seeks him out with his old fireteam before the Drifter uses the shard of the traveler to awaken what's inside the giant crystal he's been hiding darkness monster. Cayde & Fireteam shows up to see what the Drifter has done. The drifter turns around and behind him, an inky pitch black beast with no head, seemingly invisible, yet without form. The Drifter, thinking he can control the beast, ends up turning into a mote of light, which the beast then consumes, growing stronger and larger. The beast starts to multiply, preparing for battle, but distracted by the beasts' actions, the vanguard fail to realize the giant floating triangular ships hovering over-head. The Travelers' shell starts to break open more, revealing what's inside for a brief minute before preparing for an attack, or some form of transformation *like an egg hatching*. Our Favorite (one of many) Guardians' ship can be seen flying too close to the traveler, getting sucked in. Undergoing a story driven/lore based cutscene about the Traveler and its motives (meanwhile the Darkness commences battle upon the bravest of Guardians.) To be Continued R.I.P. Cayde-6. - The tin man who stole my chicken..

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