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2/15/2018 12:06:20 AM

Traveler: Origins

Maybe this has been brought up before. Maybe this totally betrays the lore in the Grimiore (not that it hasn't been reduced and redacted with the sequel). But, a while back I thought I had a pretty sweet idea for the origin or the Traveler, why it came to Earth, why the Hive, Fallen, and all those others seem so insistent on controlling the light. This will be a bit of a read. Some of this borrows from already theorized ideas. After it's the victors who write the history, yes? In a separate solar system, many, many light years away from our own the very first interstellar human expedition came upon the very first signs of alien life outside our own. Not just one species, but several. While divided into different social castes, each species had an integral part of maintaining the society that they had come to form over several ages. At the center of all this, was a bright white orb. That which humanity would end up calling the Traveler. The Humans on this first interstellar venture were shared the wonders and advancements bestowed upon the alien species. They were told of the history of never ending conflict and destruction before the Traveler arrived and brought peace to their system. In awe, the Human explorers reported all this in transmissions to Earth. Now, the Traveler was a benevolent being, having brought much insight and knowledge to the alien species that occupied this particular part of the galaxy. Yet, the new arrivals piqued the curiosity of the Traveler. Having spoken through those enlightened through the Travelers light, a message was spread that the Traveler was going to go out to also bring forth this new race of visitors, with which to bring into the fold. While reluctant, the alien species eventually gave the Traveler their blessing to venture forth. Having been told that the Traveler wished to visit the home world of the newcomers, the Human explorers alerted the respective leaders and agencies in charge of the mission. While expressing gratitude, the wheels of deception began to roll. Earth was in a perilous state. While there was some mild exploration of our own solar system, we were still quite primitive in comparison. Wars had corrupted the planet leading to widespread famine and pestilence. Many areas of the planet were uninhabitable and the population had finally sought peace when the realization came across that time on the planet was only growing shorter. Interstellar exploration had become the only chance for the survival of future generations of humanity. AIs were developed to help simulate the situations that long term hypersleep and travel among the cosmos would bring. After several decades, the news of the discovery of not just life in the galaxy but an extremely powerful being at the center of it all was almost too good to be true, but if it was, Humanity wanted to be prepared for anything. The interstellar AI, code named Rasputin, was quickly repurposed to anticipate any moves the Traveler could make during it's visit to Earth, whether that be to defend the planet, or buried deep within the code, a secret (known only to a few) directive to force the Traveler to stay should it be as powerful as described. It was an outpost on Mars that made the very first visual contact with the entity known as the Traveler. It's effects had started to have been felt throughout the solar system upon it's arrival. Planets with Human life had started to slowly terraform on their own. Scientists began to notice a change in the atmosphere and soil samples on Earth indicating that the planet itself was starting to heal. Deep space arrays began receiving massive amounts of information regarding everything from medicine to space travel to new materials and how to use them, as well as so much more. At the center of all this, the Traveler appointed a Speaker, with whom the Traveler communed with to spread it's knowledge. Years passed and Humanity flourished. Travel among the stars became so much more efficient. With the chemical compounds for medicine brought to Humanity through the Traveler it became suggested that it would be possible to live hundreds of years. But there was still a deep rooted fear that the Traveler wasn't here to stay. Progress happened so fast that it was conceivable that the Traveler intended to return from whence it came, while inviting humanity to join the species it left behind. Such a reality turned out to be not far from the truth. It was nearly two decades before the Speaker came out to announce that the Traveler would be returning. It sensed a restlessness among the species it had left behind and wished to show that they were not forgotten. And in a deep bunker, Rasputin stirred to life, having been watching, listening, and waiting, projecting the Traverlers every potential move. With ferocious speed, it struck at the Traveler, after years of study, knowing directly where to strike to keep the Traveler from being able to leave. A story was quickly spun for the masses as to what had occurred, with which to keep the populous from becoming angry at such a betrayal towards such a gracious being. With that having happened, the Traveler grew silent, speaking not to anyone, leaving the Speaker left to "interpret" the will of the Traveler. The alien species originally discovered by that first expedition attempted to remain living in harmony. After several decades, the loyalty and need for each other quickly caused a breakdown in the castes. The separation was inevitable. The conflicts that followed were destructive and so much of the knowledge gained was lost. It was a massive step backwards for all the species. Yet, each race knew that the Traveler had gone to a planet far, far away. They all envied and vied for controller of that which they all felt had abandoned them and left them all behind. It would take several centuries for them to reach Earth and the Traveler. Their rage was fierce and with it, a strong darkness was born. It remained secret to the majority of the Human population as to what happened to the Traveler. Progress had slowed, but everything had improved so greatly that everyone failed to notice. Everyone except for the leaders who banded together having a deeply ingrained fear that the aliens who had grown accustomed to the Travelers presence would eventually come back for their great prize. They secretly funded the development of Warminds and begin secretly building defenses against any possible invader. Needless to say, they were slightly miffed that despite the advancements, the Traveler gave them no information regarding weaponry. Earth, and it's people, could not fathom the wrath that was brought upon them from the alien species that fell upon the solar system. Despite skirmishes among themselves, all the species seemed intent on bringing about the destruction of Humankind and reclamation of the Traveler for themselves. Colonies fell. Disarray was found everywhere. The Warminds were overwhelmed, and eventually shutdown in order to preserve themselves for future opportunities. Plans to fight were crushed and plans to flee were eventually abandoned as they were considered suicide. No attempt made it further than the asteroid belt. What remained of the population began to settle and congregate underneath the Traveler seeking refuge and hope from the Speaker. The Traveler remained silent through what eventually became known as The Collapse. While not vengeful, the Traveler felt Humanity needed to be punished for its actions. As it watched, the Traveler began to fear the species that were after its power. These weren't the same races that it had come across eons ago. They were fueled by such a deep and dark rage that the Traveler eventually concluded to be irreconcilable. Despite the wishes it had recently, the Traveler saw how Humanity still looked up to it for solace. The valor and bravery in which they fought to protect what was left of their civilization spoke to the Traveler. The Traveler eventually saw this species as its own salvation. Lacking the power it once had, the Traveler dispensed the only option it had left. Ghosts, as they would be called. Fueled fragments of the power of the Travelers light and power, they would assist the Human warriors against the alien species the Traveler once called friends. Guardians, they would eventually be called by the remaining population. An endless army would be needed to fend off the attacking hordes, and an endless army was what they Traveler could give. The fighting never seemed to stop. Many battles won, many battles lost. Heroes came and fell. With the collapse brought about the loss of the truth of the Traveler and Earth. Stories were told through the generations about how the Traveler came to Earth to provide, but suffered some unknown accident keeping it from being as powerful as it once was. No one remembered that it was Humanity's betrayal in the first place that left the Traveler where it was and was the foundation of the aggression brought upon them from the formerly peaceful alien species. And there you have it. My origin story is probably full of plot holes and grammatical errors, but I wanted to get this written down and posted before I forgot about it all again. Let me know what you think if you bother to read it all!

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