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1/11/2018 2:11:43 AM

The Possibility That EVERY Major Theory About the Traveler is Correct (part 1)

<I feel as if I should take a break from hopelessly posting in #Feedback and making fan-made stuff and focus on some of the biggest questions in Destiny. What is the [b]Traveler[/b]? What is the [b]Darkness[/b]? Let's start with the Traveler. The Traveler is a massive white sphere with odd markings consisting entirely of circles all around its surface. It is 14 kilometers in diameter and just kinda hovers in one select place. But WHAT is it? When we first see the Traveler it's missing its underside. A shard of it is in the EDZ where we went to get our light back. After breaking out of the Red Legion's cage, it is noticeable more damaged, suggesting that each time it releases a wave of Light, it breaks its shell. Some more proof of this is when we go into past Mercury and see it there. It has more of its underside than it did in D1. Underneath its shell is a ton of what seems to be tubes and mechanical parts. So there we go. That proves one or two theories correct off the bat. The Traveler is a kind of machine. Is there more to it? Certainly. Osiris is a Warlock known for going deep into enemy lore and researching whatever he could get his hands on, mainly the Vex. He had a theory about the Traveler. [quote]theories that a Guardian could not be simulated, that the Traveler might be an ontoformer or a god-incubator[/quote] Considering that the first statement turned out to be pretty much true, the second shouldn't be far off. What's an ontoformer? In Ancient Greek, Onto means Being. Former would be self-explanatory. This is saying that the Traveler "forms beings" or in simpler terms, makes life. Think about it. It terraformed Mercury. It gave life to a planet that's so -blam!-ing close to the Sun the surface is pretty much scorched, especially in the Destiny universe. It gave Mercury WATER for christ's sake! What about God-Incubator? What does this imply? Well it could be a couple things. One is that it gives power to other beings and has the potential to give them god-like powers or abilities. Judging by our acausality this is kinda true. Another thing is that it HOLDS a god. That the Traveler really is a kind of "egg" for something. Surprisingly enough, you could actually apply this theory to the Red Legion's cage. Think of it like this. The very center of the Traveler is a sleeping deity. It radiates Light. It can give Light to anyone, it can enrich civilizations. Connected to it is a serious of tubes and machines that make up the rest of the Traveler. This would mean the Cage could tap into those systems and start draining the Light from the entity through the tubes and machines. Rasputin calls the Traveler the Gardener. Makes sense because it terraforms planets and gives life to planets without them. Think of the Batadactyls on Venus. So, if we combine all of this... then the Traveler is a sleeping deity (now awake) hooked up to a bunch of machines and covered by a shell. This entity radiates Light, a paracausal force that defies all known logic. It can gift this Light to anyone it wants. It also has the ability to enrich a civilization and terraform any planet. It can also create life and massive structures capable of producing Light (the Gift Mast). It also has some "basic" skills like building AIs (Ghosts) that have some nifty features on their own. I mean, it doesn't sound off, doesn't it? But there's one more theory... that the Traveler caused the Collapse. In a way it did. The Light wave it released when it woke up also woke up the Darkness, which is now on its way. Its a beacon for the Darkness, whether it wants to be or not. Also, we are kind of a proxy army. Just remember, there's no good or evil... just perspective. END OF PART 1>

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