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1. [u]COULD OSIRIS AND THE EXO STRANGER BE HEAVILY CONNECTED?[/u] At the end of the campaign, we talk to Osiris in person alongside Ikora and of course his ghost, Sagira. As they walk away from our conversation, Osiris jokingly calls her "LITTLE LIGHT". Sound familiar? Destiny fans will recognize that from it being what the Exo Stranger called our ghost in tge Ishtar Academy on Venus. Could it be that Osiris and the stranger know each other? They are both well known time and space travelers. Or could it be that the Exo Stranger is a reincarnation of Sagira from the future carrying on her dead masters legacy? 2. [u]WHY ARE THE HIVE IN OUR SYSTEM PRE-COLLAPSE?[/u] During the adventure "A Glitch in the System" we are on a pre-vex controlled Mercury. A time when the Vex had just arrived and started to take over the planet. Also a time before humanity's collapse after the Golden Age. This takes place long before Hive set foot on our moon or the darkness approaches us. In this adventure we are trying to sabotage a vex installation while also protecting it from the invading HIVE. but why are the Hive in our system. It makes sense for the Vex to be there before darkness falls because the aren't allied with it as Osiris says. They are their own evil. But then why are the Hive there? They were believed to be allied with the darkness. Why sabotage the Vex? And how are they in our system long before we ever detected them? Might this hint at our collapse or even the location of their homeworld? 3. [u]SAINT-14 MAY CURRENTLY BE ALIVE[/u] The last thing is something all the more fans are already talking about: the body of Saint-14 in the adventure "The Up and Up". We travel to a simulation of the future where the entire planet is nothing but darkness and vex (...and a few fallen for some reason.) In an altar-like room behind a locked vex door, we can see through a little hole that there's a body floating above the ground. The body of a guardian. We know this because of the shreds of light emitting from the ground. Alongside that, the wrapped body seems to have ribbons flowing off him just like the ship "Saint-14s Clay Pidgeon". Perhaps it was built by Osiris to commemorate a lost comrade. But what people seem to over look is that this simulation takes place in the future. It's completely plausible that Saint-14 is alive and lost in time like Osiris in our current timeline. We may even find some trace of him in our coming quest to claim his lost shotgun... You guys have anything to add to any of this? Upvote and comment below. Edit: As far as I know, the adventures in the Infinite Forest were simulations of events in different EXISTING timelines. The vex recreate these scenarios to either learn more about the enemy, or find out what the outcome would be if they handled things way differently so they know how to act when they go back and create a new timeline by going back to "choose the red pill instead of the blue". So in a certain timeline's future, Saint-14 is buried in a vex altar and in some past, the Hive invade a reforming Mercury Edit: no, I don't know TOO much about the vex/hive origins :(

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