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Osiris and his Curse

***THIS POST IS OUTDATED AND CONTAINS A HANDFUL OF ITEMS THAT ARE INCORRECT OR NEED TO BE REVISED*** ***WILL BE CORRECTED EVENTUALLY*** This post covers the lore on Osiris (at the end) as well as theories on his curse [i]Edit: with the release of CoO I’m lead to believe that Osiris’s curse is that he believes he is doomed to fight the Vex in an attempt to stop their Dark Future from coming, but to always fail[/i] I️ don’t know if any of u other guys have given this any thought, but I have so I’m just gonna throw it out What is the Curse of Osiris? As in, what is his curse? I have a few theories: 1. He is cursed to seek the victory of humanity in the Vex system, regardless of how long it takes or what ill effects it has on him. 2. He is cursed to be stuck in some kind of endless loop in time. 3. Osiris feels it is his curse to brave the difficulties of the universe in search of answers when no one else will. 4. His curse is that the Vex have marked him as a parasite to be eliminated, so even when he enters a place where time is frozen (as we saw in the trailer) or where the Vex are running a simulation (probably even peaceful ones), the Vex will dedicate all resources to exterminating him. 5. His curse could have something to do with his past life, like how his resurrection was called an “accident” and he himself called an “experiment”. (suggested by Fallacy in the comments below) 6. His curse is the trail of chaos and destruction he leaves in his wake wherever he goes. Possibly also the deaths that befall others who fight alongside him. (suggested by Kerbnasty in the comments below) 7. His visions are his curse. (suggested by Haffoc in the comments below) 8. His curse is the weight of what he has learned. (Suggested by Dark Ameroid in the comments below) I personally like the sound of the fourth one, and think it or the first are the most likely. I’d like to here what u all think about these and what all of your theories are. I’ll also happily answer any questions u have about Osiris or his DLC to the best of my ability. Thoughts? Ideas? Discuss. For those of u who do not know anything about Osiris, here’s what we have: [spoiler]Osiris is first noted to have been in the City during the Battle of Six Fronts and helped organize Guardians t defend against the Fallen as well as doing some significant fighting himself. Saint-14 is actually the one who told the Speaker about him and suggested him as a candidate for Vanguard Commander, so the Speaker sparked up a relationship where they sought knowledge of the Light together. Osiris was soon made Vanguard Commander (and also Warlock Vanguard, of course) for his display of leadership at Six Fronts. Osiris also became a mentor to Ikora Rey. But Osiris began seeking knowledge of the Darkness and other things that were considered heretical at the time, and his ideas and actions were thought of as dark and insane. He was banished. He supposedly ventured around the system for a short while before going to Mercury at almost the exact time Saint-14’s crusade against the Fallen Devils ended. The Speaker sent Saint to go find Osiris and bring him back to the City so he and the Speaker could discuss what he had learned, but Saint disappeared on Mercury as well. After that the Speaker sent some Ghosts to find Osiris, but those that returned came back with empty hands and false rumors. It turns out Osiris entered the Infinite Forest shortly after he arrived and never came out, meaning he has been in there for years. A cult formed around Osiris, becoming known as Disciples, that spread his teachings, and Trials were held under his name to prepare Guardians for challenges ahead, so we believe at least a few people have seen Osiris since he disappeared even though none of the current Disciples have met him. But now he is resurfacing again with the rise of a new Vex threat, and his knowledge will probably be what determines wether or not the Vex win. We know that Osiris receives visions like many Warlocks (although his are prophetic) and Toland can even sense his presence through the Void from the Ascendent Realm, of all places. Before the arrival of Oryx, one of Osiris’s Reflections got together with Mara Sov and Eris because all three knew he was coming, but we do not yet know the part Osiris is playing in their plan. Osiris is a known user of Sunsinger and Dawnblade, but we don’t know if he can use any other Subclasses. He also has absolutely nothing to do with Egyptian mythology as far as we know, or mesoamerican for that matter (I see how his outfit could be mistaken for either, but that and his name do not determine his character).[/spoiler] Link to my Archive:

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