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The Hive, From Prey to Power Part 1

This post will cover Hive history, in as much of its entirety as I can manage. I love this story so seriously suggest you guys read all of this despite its length. The Hive aren't the savage, thoughtless murderers that so many people believe them to be. This will be posted in two parts because of its length [b][u]Part One: Prey[/u][/b] The Hive weren't always like they are now. Not genocidal, nor even spacefarers. Before they gave themselves the name 'Hive', they were just one of a collection of 511 species known as Krill. The Krill lived on Fundament, a massive gas giant surrounded by 52 moons. Long before any Hive knows, chunks of land from shattered worlds had fallen to the seas of Fundament and came to drift there, the few species that had clung to them and survived coming to live upon them as makeshift continents. The proto-Hive (what we will call the species that became the Hive) lived short lives, most never even reaching their max life span of 10 years because they had so many predators and dangers in the world (except for Mothers because they lived far longer than 10 years). They reproduced rapidly and in large numbers so they could adapt quickly to the harsh environment. There was even a group of the same species as them that were called Helium Drinkers and were a stronger society that oppressed the proto-Hive (the proto-Hive were of the Osmium Court rather than the Helium Drinkers). Aurash, Sathona, and Xi Ro were the last remaining daughters of their people's ruler, the Osmium King. But as the King neared the end of his 10 years he found a washed up dead Worm and began speaking to it about waves and extinction, so his advisor and teacher to his daughters, Taox, was glad his rule was about to end. However, she also didn't think any of his daughters would make a good King and called upon the Helium Drinkers to kill them so she could rule as their servant. The Osmium King died, but the daughters survived and found a Needle Ship that they used to explore for a couple of years, where they found out about the Syzygy that would create a massive and destructive tidal wave, until they became 5. Then they dove down into the depths. There they passed the Leviathan, who warned them of the Deep and told them the struggle of their species was a beauty of existence and balance, and then they came to the core where the Worms resided. The Worms struck a deal: the proto-Hive would carry their young to freedom and practice the ways of the Deep in return for the Worms granting them the power to avenge their father and gain immortality. Rising from the depths with new names, Auryx (male now), Savathûn, and Xivu Arath gathered others to their side to pair with the Worms and destroyed the Helium Drinkers. Taox escaped, but the proto-Hive exterminated all 510 other species on Fundament in under two years and found ships to escape the dangerous world. The Hive began taking the 52 moons of Fundament from the Ammonite, a species of six-armed cephalopods that lived under the Traveler's Light. The Worms told the proto-Hive that the Traveler had caused the Syzygy and that all the prosperity it brought was weakness and lies. Naturally, Auryx and his sisters were pretty upset that the Traveler had brought health to the Ammonite and not to the Krill. The Darkness taught the Hive how to call upon its power with runes and incantations. It taught them killing logic, where killing something proves you were stronger than it and being killed means you were unworthy of living. It taught them sword logic, where everything you kill gives you their knowledge and power. And it taught them of the Ascendant Realm, a space where they controlled all physics and where they could reform if killed outside their realm. Auryx's Throne World was named the Osmium Throne. Taox escaped once again, this time in a stasis pod, and the Traveler fled. Nothing else escaped. The Leviathan and Ammonite fell and the moons once inhabited by the Ammonite were turned into War Moons so the Hive could traverse the universe. It was then that they became known as Hive. They created wounds (a cut through the fabric of space) to travel across space and time through the Ascendent Realm and they grouped together under the three sisters. The High War for Auryx, King of the Hive and the First Navigator, where only those who were in the High War or bested all its members could challenge him. Savathûn created a court as well and named it the High Coven. Xivu Arath declared that everywhere was her court and could be challenged wherever there was war. These three Hive groups began to war on each other as they drifted away from Fundament. Killing was the ultimate practice of definition and religion to them, and the three siblings loved each other so much that they practiced death on each other. Love and death became the same thing to them. When they finally arrived at more worlds, they had grown vastly stronger, and their extermination of all false life began. They killed 18 species in one century alone, including the Qugu, which is impressive considering the time needed to travel from world to world. ________________________________________ Link to part two, Predators: Link to my Archive:

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