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The Hive, From Prey to Power Part 2

This is the second part of my documentation of Hive history. Enjoy. [u][b]Part Two: Predators[/b][/u] 24,000 years after the fall of Fundament, Taox's pod was found drifting by an empire of many species known as the Ecumene, who were masters of matter and physical law. They had been in contact with the Ammonite (the Ammonite were probably from their empire) so knew of their fall, and gained much knowledge from debriefing Taox. The Hive were right behind her, and within the first century of war they took 17 Ecumene worlds, but were crushed easily in the Ecumene counterattack. With no way to defeat the Ecumene, Xivu Arath and Savathûn let Auryx kill them, then Auryx went to Akka the Worm god of Secrets and killed it, gaining the ability to speak with the Deep. Auryx learned to Take from the Deep, and emerged as Oryx, the Taken King. In 100 years Oryx slaughtered the Ecumene and their Ecumene Council, the war he described in this action allowing Xivu Arath to be revived despite the fact she had been killed in the Ascendent Realm. For 40 years more the siblings fought the Ecumene before Oryx made a deal with the Dakuau Nest to help him kill Xivu because he was "jealous" of her. It was a trap, and when Oryx destroyed the Dakuau the deceit he had described revived Savathûn. After 1000 more years the entirety of the Ecumene was erased, but Taox had managed to escape once again in her pod. At this time the Hive tithe system was created. The next significant empire the Hive faced was the Taishibeth, but the Tai and other Taishibethi (inhabitants of the Taishibeth empire) fell and their Emperor Raven (who is actually an empress, female) was Taken. Afterwards, Oryx gave birth to Crota and the twins Ir Halak and Ir Anûk. The twins created both the Death Song and the Oversoul (Crota learned how to make an Oversoul from them and the Warpriest learned to make his Oculus from observing Crota's Oversoul), but when Crota tried experimenting like his sisters he accidentally let the Vex into Oryx's throne world. Oryx eventually chased them out, but not after the Vex had stolen and experimented on Hive and Worms, stolen a fragment of Darkness to create the Garden's Heart with, learned how to move realms outside of time and space such as the Vault of Glass and the Black Garden, and deduced the sword logic and killing logic. Honestly Crota, you might as well have just told them everything yourself. To punish Crota, Oryx threw him into the Vex systems to prove himself worthy of living; Crota fought through time and eventually found his way back to his father as a true champion of the Hive. Because of the Vex event, Oryx decided to build a Dreadnaught so his throne could not be so easily invaded again, and he did so by constructing the vessel using a piece of Akka and then turning his throne world inside out inside of it. This day became know as Eversion Day and is celebrated by the Hive by turning things inside out. If we ever find out when exactly the Hive celebrate this holiday, I would suggest not leaving the safety of the City walls on that day. Using his Dreadnaught, Oryx destroyed the Harmonious Flotilla Invincible (a fleet from the Harmony empire) that guarded the Nicha Thought-Ship, which Oryx hoped to gain information from. The Vex had set a trap on the Thought-Ship for Oryx, but he easily defeated them and took Quria, the Mind directing their subtype. Oryx then used the information found in the Thought-Ship to find the Harmony empire and attack them. It went well at first, but then the Harmony reached out to the Ahamkara for aid and the extermination was slowed, but only barely. Soon the Ahamkara in the system and the Harmony were annihilated and the Hive fed off of their Gift Mast, a massive structure infused with the Traveler's Light. (Note that Crota has apparently already been reunited with his father at this point according to the talk of Oryx's tithe) After this particular war ended, Savathûn and Xivu Arath both separated from Oryx so they could all grow stronger and learn new things separately, as they felt too routine amongst each other. Oryx still manages to stay in contact with Savathûn by speaking through his Echoes, but there's no hint as to wether or not Xivu has allowed Oryx to speak with her. Later in time, Oryx caught scent of the Traveler and sent Crota to go destroy it. Crota and his Hive arrived and were major starters of the Collapse as they took our Moon right out from under our noses. They would have finished humanity right then in there if the Traveler hadn't fought with us, and due to the events of the Collapse and the Battle of Mare Imbrium (the Great Disaster), Crota was not able to just attack the crippled human forces and instead resorted to seeding our world and waiting until they were once again strong enough to defeat us. This takes us to current day Destiny, with the events of The Dark Below and The Taken King happening in our time. No more can be said about the Hive's past, so now we must look to their future, for we will certainly face them again. ___________________________________ Thanks for reading everyone, I hope this helped some of you understand why I love the Hive lore so much. Follow the FoxLore tag if you want an easy way to browse through my lore posts. And here's my Archive for another easy source: Link to part one, Prey:

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