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I just got a quest from FWC that is called Not Forged in Light. Edit: The Ghosts from the Paradox daily ARE a prerequisite. You must have already completed that and turned the Cult Ghost into Lakshmi [b]before[/b] today to be able to get the quest. If you haven't done the paradox/ghost daily, it is available today and you should be able to start this quest next time it rolls around. EDIT: Credit for the above video goes to Drippingtaco. Thanks for the hard work, mate! You get the quest from Lakshmi of FWC. After accepting the quest, you have to donate materials to complete the first part. You [b]do not[/b] have to reach rank 1, you just have to donate materials until the quest marker reaches 100%. You will have to switch your allegiance to FWC for the week in order to donate materials, [b]but[/b] you shouldn't lose any standing with Dead Orbit and/or New Monarchy (whichever you were previously pledged to.) Next step: Kill a Taken Minotaur lieutenant. The one in Ember Caves on Venus worked for us, but I'm sure [b]any[/b] Taken Minotaur Lieutenant will be acceptable. It will drop the Shattered Core. Highlight it in your inventory and hold x to 'shatter' it. Then the quest will update, telling you to go back to Lakshmi at the Tower. She will give you the next part of the quest, ordering you to kill Atheon in VoG. Next step is completing Vault of Glass, killing Atheon at the end. Normal mode works. You [b]do not[/b] have to run the entire raid, if someone has an Atheon checkpoint, you can just kill him and get the item. After that, dismantle the item (same as before) and return to Lakshmi. She gives you a mission on Earth called Shadows at Twilight. It takes place in the Crucible map Twilight Gap. This mission is short. Run to the cleanse portals (there are a few spread throughout the area) and keep a lookout for a chest. The chest spawns in a random location; when you find it, open it to obtain Ana Bray's bracelet. This will complete the mission. Return to Lakshmi at the Tower for the next step. Now you have to go to Mars (another story mission) @ the Black Garden and destroy 'The Groundskeeper.' This mission is simple, but tough. It is solo able, but a full fire team would be recommended. 270+ light. Run through the mission to the area where Vex start spawning and you will see a percentage patrol type indicator. You must kill Vex to fill the meter, this will spawn the Groundskeeper. The meter must be above 100% to spawn him. He will disappear and reappear periodically, so just be patient and keep ticking his health down. Make sure to kill adds to keep the meter above 100%. There is [b]no[/b] respawn restriction, though, so that takes a lot of the pressure off. High impact snipers/void fusion rifles work well. Kill him and this ends the mission. Turn it into Lakshmi.... And guess what? [spoiler]THAT'S IT. Turn it in to Lakshmi for No Time to Explain![/spoiler] It drops at 290; has full auto and the exotic perk returns ammo to the magazine for every precision hit. So basically it has unlimited ammo. Happy Hunting, Guardians. Bump to keep this thread near the top to help others please. Any questions are welcome and I will try my best to respond to all.

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