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Community Focus: Dads of Destiny

The Destiny Beta wasn’t just a test of Bungie’s next-gen shooter. We also saw a trial run of some new features that will support the players of Destiny right here on Stats came online. Tools for tracking and managing your adventure appeared. And a whole new way for Guardians to team up became available.

We’re talking, of course, about Clans. Larger than a Fireteam and smaller than the last safe City on Earth, these clusters of gamers will be another way to make sure that you have friends to watch your back out in the wild. Already we’re seeing members of the Bungie community building social movements that cater to every gameplay preference and lifestyle.

The Dads of Destiny have a nice operation that just got off the ground. Their goal is make the frontier safe for men of family. Let’s check them out and see what they have to say about their adult swim.

Who are you? Introduce us to this new tribe of bottle feeders.

DoD:  We’re a growing collective of dads, granddads, and uncles. Our ages span from 18 - 60 and we share common values. We’re all family-oriented guys who understand that normal day-to-day life comes first and gaming comes second. We are business owners, laborers, investors, doctors, lawyers, bankers, chefs, and artists. We are unique individuals who have come together with a common interest. 

We are gamers. We are fathers. We are the Dads of Destiny.

Thanks for proving to the world that Destiny is compatible with any lifestyle, gentlemen. What did you choose as the DoD Mission Statement? How do you pursue it?

DoD:  We provide a general group for the fathers among the community to get together to chat about all things Destiny, fatherhood, juggling children and gaming, and really anything else at all. We keep things relaxed and casual, as some of us may be sleep-deprived. If you feel the need to whine, moan, or flame, please do it elsewhere. This group is for the Dads of Destiny Clan that represents all four consoles.

It’s nice to see you guys being so inclusive. Are you able to cross gender lines as well? Do you have to be a Dad to join the DoD?

DoD:  We don't want to be sexist at all, but we do like the "Mancave" vibe of our group. We’ll definitely look at forming an alliance with a Mothers of Destiny group out there.

Seems like you guys have earned a little me-time, but Bungie loves Moms, too. Tell us more about this Alliance that could provide for some equal opportunity. How does that work?

DoD:  We have a main Alliance group that supports all clan members on all consoles. That’s the main hub of activity. Under it, we’ve created many smaller clans using our member-created Dad-a-Base that matches our dads around the world by available gaming time and consoles. This is what we are all about, maximizing what we can do in the minimal amount of time we have.

Did you spend some of that minimal time in the Destiny Beta?

DoD:  We absolutely loved the Beta! Gameplay and combat mechanics were super sharp. The graphics and lighting were amazing. Customization options for our characters were plentiful. And, the story we've been introduced to was very immersive.

How are you all feeling in the aftermath? Catching up on naps gain?

DoD:  After playing both the Alpha and Beta, many of us have found ourselves in a state of Destiny withdrawal. We kept telling ourselves "there is no way this is a Beta!" September 9th just can't arrive soon enough. Many of us will be balancing our free time between feedings, diapers, and playing Destiny.

What is it about the launch of Destiny that you’re looking forward to the most?

DoD:  Being a dad, free time isn't always something you have. For us, it's knowing that at the end of a long day, when we have that bit of me time, we will get the opportunity to venture toward the stars and explore a rich, populated universe filled with a myriad of things to discover. When we fired up the Alpha and the Beta, the entire clan was sucked into a gloriously rich game world that many of us found hard to leave.

Why would you recommend that a lone Dad out there join one of your clans?

DoD:  We all appreciate that family comes first. There’s no pressure to commit to clan meetings or events. You can find like-minded players who may not be the same age but who share the same values. Our forum threads are so varied, you'll find us about Destiny one minute and potty training the next. Never have we seen those kinds of conversations in the same place!

There you have it. If you’re a family fan with an appetite for carnage, there is hope for you – as well as a clan that’s eager to back you up with the action gets intense. The Dads of Destiny host their mancave right here on Pay them a visit and introduce yourself. Just remember to leave the kids at home.

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