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3/30/2014 4:26:26 PM

Project Spark: Destiny Creation Contest

Dear fellow Guardians, The Destiny Community Hub mobile app team and @OneDarkDestiny would like to invite you to compete in our upcoming Project Spark - Destiny Creation Contest Starting Sunday, March 30th and ending Friday, April 18th! Winners will be announced on Sunday the 20th! This contest features the use of the Project Spark beta to create content focused on everything and anything Destiny, at least anything we've seen so far from Bungie . You can either create a video using the camera tools in the game, or you can create a game or gameplay for someone to walk through. There are some rules and guidelines that everyone must follow, however this is very open to the imagination. Here are the list of rules and guidelines below: Everything used, including environment, objects, characters, weapons, etc. must have been mentioned by Bungie or seen in one of their preview videos/commercials or pictures. Don't make up things you hope are going to be in it. All videos must be at the least 45 seconds long. All games or gameplay must take at least 5 minutes to complete, and at most 15 minutes to complete. Games can be in whatever style! (e.g. FPS, 3rd person, side scroller, RTS, etc.) All submissions must be published to the Project Spark Community and be tagged as "Destiny Creation Contest". (You can have the actual name be whatever you want) Don't steal other's work! You are encouraged to recreate from the videos and gameplay that are online, however you shouldn't be taking objects from others competing in the contest. A maximum of 2 people can work on a project together. Please mention in the submission who worked on it, so that due credit can be given. [u][b]Prizes[/b][/u] There will prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place based on the votes of some of your favorite Destiny Community leaders! [b]1st Place[/b] will receive 3 Destiny Beta codes (for a whole fireteam), a free pass for the DCH Pro app, and a Destiny Poster! [b]2nd Place[/b] will receive 3 Destiny Beta codes and a free pass for the DCH Pro app! [b]3rd Place[/b] will receive a Destiny Beta code and a free pass for the DCH Pro app! Submissions should be sent to [b][/b] and titled "[u]Destiny Creation submission[/u]". Please note the names (gamertags) of those who worked on the project, the project title, and the link to the download on Also please tag your work "Destiny Creation Contest" so it will be easy to find! Submissions won't be counted until the 18th so you can continue to work on the projects even after you submit them. @OneDarkDestiny has an example linked below to show you what we are looking for! Let's see if you can spot where the idea for this Project Spark video clip came from ;) (Video can also be seen at top of post) We look forward to seeing all of the amazing works you guys can come up with! The projects will all be showcased in a YouTube video at the end of the contest, so even if you don't win you will still be recognized :) Follow us on twitter for updates at @Destiny_CommHub and @OurDarkDestiny Happy Building! The Destiny Community Hub team and @OurDarkDestiny

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