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8/23/2023 5:35:59 PM

Has anyone here watched Infinity Train?

Good evening everybody. This is Aifos coming to you alive from… I’ll be honest, I have no idea where I am! But what I do know is I’ve recently been watching Infinity Train, and just finished Season 1 & 2, and I really enjoyed them both. They were fun, with very nice character moments. I dig it. Season 2 did this thing where we had a one-off episode in Season 1 that introduced us to the character Lake, who then became our new protagonist for Season 2, and this was great. I liked seeing a whole new story in this familiar world, and introducing the character to us in Season 1 first was very smart, because I was excited to figure out what had happened to Lake after leaving us hanging like that. Season 3, as far as I can tell, does the same thing; having our new protagonists be the leaders of the Apex, who like Lake, had a one-off episode in Season 2 to introduce them. But, like, here’s the thing; I do not care about the Apex dudes at all. This structure worked really well for Lake because Lake was interesting, and I really wanted to know what happened to her, but the Apex folk felt like a good plot beat in Jesse’s story, but didn’t feel interesting in their own right. To those of you who have seen the show, is Season 3 good? Tell me a bit about what makes it good please (while being as spoiler free as possible, of course). To those of you who haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. It is quite nice. [b][u]Tl;dr? Here’s my point![/u][/b] I watched the first two seasons of Infinity Train, but am on the fence about watching the third because I don’t care about the Apex folk. Is it still good? P.s. Infinity Train is good. If you haven’t watched it you should. But that’s all for now folk! Jambuhbye!

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