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6/1/2023 8:13:50 PM

Hey you car people!

Good evening everybody! This is Aifos coming to you alive from some generic car place, with a question about cars. Namely, I’m considering getting one. Now, I don’t want a new car, I want a used one that I can just drop a couple thousand on and be done with it. But there are a few problems there; A. I don’t know where I’d look B. I don’t know what to look for, or what some red flags might be C. I don’t know how to get an estimation on insurance I don’t want a piece of junk, but I also don’t care for anything particularly fancy. If I can get one of those nifty screens that show behind me when I’m going in reverse without that hiking up the price too much, that’d be ideal but not required. I will be using this car as little as is physically possible, I’d estimate only once, maybe twice a week, and the smaller the car is the better. So, point me in the right direction, car people. Where should I look, and what should I look for? But that’s all for now folks, jambuhbye!

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