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Guess who just got published!

Good evening everybody! This is Aifos coming to you alive from the Soul of the World, with some super duper duper exciting news! As of two days ago, I am officially a published author! That's right, there is a book on Amazon made by me that you could buy with your own money right now! Many of you probably already know that I've been working on this for a very long time, and I've been super excited about actually getting it out. Y'all have always been super great whenever I brought it up, and so as I promised to many of you it is time to share the news! For those of you interested, it is called The Heart of the World by Michael Tillotson. Here is the back of the book blurb; [quote]A young boy is lost alone in a forest. He's saved by a mysterious woman who leaves him with an enchanted necklace, blessed with a protective charm. With the necklace's ward, he takes up the mantle of a 'hero', helping anyone he could with no fear of death. One day, however, this same blessing pulls him into a world of magic beyond his wildest dreams. Now caught in the crossfire of the Protectors of this magical world, the wrath of a long-dead spectre, the ambitions of a twisted researcher of magic, and his own forgotten past, he finds himself dragged into a conflict much bigger than himself--and underneath it all is a Truth, and a Lie as old as the world itself. But sometimes, Lies are buried for a reason, and sometimes, the Truth can be quite nearly too much to bear...[/quote] Anyway, if any of you pick it up be sure to let me know what you think! But that's all for now folks, jambuhbye!

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