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Chasing Yarn (RP)

[spoiler]Note: This RP is overseen by the Takamagahara System. If you perform any action that is considered god-modding or otherwise is not allowed you will be issued a warning, and the T3 will rewrite time to undo your actions. Repeated warnings may get you banned from the RP; remember to play nice! Note 2: While this RP is comparatively short, if it goes on past the weekend I will have work, and my responses will become slower. While I am still okay with continuing the RP past that point, do bear in mind that those slow response times will make it last a bit longer than intended. Note 3: This is a solo RP. That means your actions and the actions of other players do not affect each other. It’s like you’re all in your own separate timelines.[/spoiler] For those who have never played an RP: [spoiler]This is an RP. In it, you will create a character, and use that character to interact with the world. This most often involves talking and/or fighting. Think of it like a video game, but with text! Your character can be just about anything you want, as long as they're within an acceptable power range. No multi-dimensional deities, or Supermans, but other than that most anything is allowed. If your character violates this rule, I'll let you know. The one requirement is that your character does need to be able to fight. There will be COMBAT in this RP. Have fun![/spoiler] Six was walking down a road in the capital late at night, alone. Their bike had run out of gas, forcing them to walk to the nearest gas station to grab a tank to fill it up manually.. Which happened to be on the other side of town. Needless to say, they was in a bad mood. Their two souls conversed with each other inside their head, but even their other half--Sapphire--had no luck in making them feel any better. Little did they know they were being watched. Perched upon a nearby rooftop was a figure draped in a cloth cape--their face obscured by a straw hat, though with two metallic cat-like ears poking out of its top. The mysterious figure watched Six make their way down the street, grumbling to themselves the entire time. He waited. Watching. Looking for the perfect chance to strike. Then Six stubbed their toe. "Ah, vun jamblasted jannojikonjy!" Six yelled out. "Six!" Sapphire's voice rang inside of Six's head. "Language!" Perfect. The figure from the rooftop dove down from his perch, rocket boosters activating on the bottom of his feet. He approached rapidly, barely giving Six any time to realize what was going on. The first strike was launched, a swipe from a metallic claw as the figure passed by. It was narrowly blocked at the last second, as Six drew their Soul Manipulation Device. Six turned towards the figure, the S.M.D. activating, and becoming a laser-scythe. The figure had skid to a halt not far in front of Six, and was already standing ominously looking at the two--his body had fallen back under his cape, and his head was bowed low to keep it obscured by the straw hat. Six rolled their eyes. "You've got a lot of nerve." They said. "Trust me when I say you're picking on the wrong girl." The figure spoke, its voice monotonous, and mechanical. "You have a lot of pride, girl. Let us see if you can back it up. Beep boop meow." Six raised an eyebrow, but their confusion was cut off as the figure dashed towards them again. They slashed at their aggressor with the S.M.D., but he glided out of the way. His metallic claw unveiled itself from underneath his cape, and he lunged at Six from the side. They gasped, and barely rose an ice wall from the ground in time, causing the figure's claw to lodge itself into the ice. A fireball formed in Six's hand, and they punched straight through the ice, melting it and landing a clean blow into the figure's head. The straw hat caught flame, and the figure promptly discarded it. Then Six gasped, now able to see the one who was attacking them. It was... A robotic cat? No, that wasn't quite right. A robotic cat person! "What the jannolor..?" Six whispered to themselves. The mecha-neko's face raised itself towards Six. Its eyes were yellow lights, its face distinctly humanoid, but it had a pair of cat ears atop its head of fake hair, and its body was humanoid, but with a tail poking out of the back of its cape, and claws upon its hands and feet. Rocket boosters kicked up on its soles again, and it dashed forwards. Six swing their scythe towards him, and he deflected the blow with his claw, gliding outwards and then back in. This happened a few times, the mysterious meowchine striking from every angle. Soon, Six made a mistake, and the feline felon wound up behind her, flying in for a quick strike to the back. The blow didn't break skin, but it knocked Six to the ground, causing them to drop their weapon. Now free from its user, the S.M.D. reverted back to its basic form; a small black handle that looked like it could belong to a sword. The assailant scooped the weapon off the ground, and then took off into the air, stopping a few feet above the ground. "Hey! Give that back you little-" Six began to yell, but the robot cut her off. "It seems your back was worse than your bite." The figure let out a very fake sounding laugh. "But do not feel bad, for a child like yourself never stood a chance against me; the legendary Chase Yarn!" "Child!? I am 24, you jannomapop!" Chase held out the Soul Manipulation Device in his hand, and pointed it towards Six, expecting it to transform into some sort of spear.. Which it didn't. After an awkward moment of silence, he scratched his head. "Well, I shall figure out how this weapon works later! For now, I bid you farewell! Mwahahahaha! Goodbye!" "Oh no you don't!" Six threw their hand forwards, and unleashed a wave of fire into the sky, but by then Chase Yarn was already flying away. "Oh no!" Sapphire yelled. "If we don't have the S.M.D. how are we supposed to get your body back!?" "We can't." Six said, slipping their hands into their pockets. "So, guess we've got a change in plans. We're gonna find that stupid cat." - One Week Later - Six was not Chase Yarn's only victim; soon reports were coming in all over the city about some sort of mechanical cat stealing all sorts of items from them. However, Chase made one big mistake; he shouted his name to everyone he robbed from, and so everyone knew who they were looking for. Then he made another big mistake, and decided to steal from none other than Kokonoe; who was not only a prominent scientist, but a weapons specialist at that, and had all the resources in the world to go hunting Chase down. That is how we found ourselves here. Aifos--who works for Kokonoe--is holding a meeting to assemble a team to bring Chase Yarn to justice. Whether by choice or by accident, it seems you find yourself at this meeting as well. There are rows of chairs filled with people from all stripes of life, and a few people edgily leaning on the walls instead. Aifos, alongside Lambda and Rho, are standing up at a podium, giving a speech. It seems you've missed most of it, however, as he's just wrapping up. "We have a few ideas where Chase Yarn's hideout could be." Aifos says. "We should split into teams, and check them out. We've already talked with the police, and whoever finds Chase will have the authority to take him into custody. But, before we get to that, we should make a list of everything that was stolen. If everyone could-" Someone interrupts him, and stands up from their chair. "I'll go first, then." A young man says. "He stole my laptop. I have a lot of private information on my clients in there, so I'd like to get it back." Aifos stares back in bewilderment. "Joshua!? I thought-" Aifos gets interrupted again. This time by a young girl, who shoves Joshua out of the way. "He stole my ice cream!" A woman in a black hat leaning against a wall chimes in. "My soul chains." Aifos, writing down everyone's entries, turns to a girl with green hair in the front row. She folds her arms. "You already know what he stole from me." "I do?" "My hairbrush!" "Uh, are you sure you didn't just lose that one?" She glares at him, and he writes it down, before turning to Six, who was leaning against a wall in the back of the room. "My weapon." Six says, coldly. "Uh, could you be more specific." "No." "Uh.. right.." After writing it down, Aifos cycles through a few more people, when suddenly the doors fly open. An ominous figure in a white robe drifts into the room; upon their hood is the mark of the Trinity, sending Aifos on guard. The figure holds out their hand, and a small silver disc displays a hologram of a woman. "He stole my favorite dress!" "Venus!? What makes you think we're going to help you!?" Aifos yells. "You're going after Chase Yarn anyway, aren't you?" The figure asks, concealing the disc. "Our goals are aligned, so take my Lady's help when it is offered." Aifos is about to shout something back, but Lambda grabs his shoulder, and whispers. "Venus identity is not known to everyone in the vicinity. If we attack, we may be seen as the aggressors, and people may come to their defense. The optimal solution is to allow them to cooperate for the time being." Aifos sighed. "Fine.." The figure bowed, and took a seat in the back. Then, Aifos turns to you, to report what Chase Yarn has stolen from you.

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