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3/30/2023 1:48:55 AM

Black Dahlia has officially come to Skullgirls!

Good evening everybody! This is Aifos coming to you alive from New Meridian, with an exciting announcement! Black Dahlia, the ruthless Medici assassin, also known as that-creepy-lady-with-a-gun-for-an-arm has just arrived in Skullgirls Second Encore*! The first Anti-Skullgirl soldier created by the ASG Labs, Black Dhalia developed a penchant for slaughter, and the good intentions of the ASG's plan for her defending the civilians of the world from the threat of the Skullgirl simply weren't enough for her. Defecting from the Labs, she joined with the twisted Medici Mafia, where her bloodlust would be put to not-so-good use, enforcing their grip on the city, and putting countless innocents to death. Gameplay wise, Dahlia leaves traps and tricks all over the battlefield, from bear traps to trap her opponents, to teleport panels she can jump to at any time. And let's not forget that gun for an arm bit! With no less than 6 different ammo types to choose from, she'll be constantly keeping her opponents on edge! As if that wasn't enough, she can also call in her squad of equally ruthless bunny girls to help her bring the hurt! Unfortunately, I am very bad with Black Dahlia, so I've yet to complete her story mode, so I can't comment there. The main reason I'm excited for Black Dahlia being here is now we have another villain added to the roster. Between Valentine, Double, Cerebella, and Eliza, now we're up to 5 baddies we can play as, which is always fun! I'll be honest I've been a little less hyped for Dahlia than the other characters, though, but she seems really fun to fight against, so I'm looking forward to playing against her more! Also, she has a sweet old granny alternate voice pack, which is pretty great! Now the real fun begins, though! Now that Dahlia's entered the stage, next up is the resident Skullgirl herself, Marie! And I am so very much looking forward to that one! Fingers crossed she's as great as I'm hoping her to be! [spoiler]*Second Encore versions include the PC version, PS4 version, and Switch version. Switch does have a two day delay, and Dahlia won't be out until Friday. Atm, Xbox only has the old First Encore version, which isn't getting the new wave of DLC. However, Future Club has confirmed an Xbox version of Second Encore is on the way, so be excited for that![/spoiler] [b]Tl;dr? Here's my point![/b] The ruthless Medici assassin Black Dahlia has finally shown up on the scene after a long wait! Now Squigly can finally get her revenge by beating Dahlia to a pulp! Also Dahlia has a gun for an arm, a buzz-saw for a knee, a spear for an elbow, and about 1,000 other ways to kill her enemies all packed into her various metal bits! Because she's a cyborg! But that's all for now folk! Jambuhbye! Play Skullgirls!

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