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3/26/2023 12:33:30 AM

stasis could use some love ... atleast when looking at pve

TLDR: Strand is basicly better than stasis in almost every way and with all subclasses being 3.0 and better integrated into the new mod system there is litle reason to play stasis in pve or pvp, stasis needs better integration into the current mod system and a more refined class identity when it comes to fragments/aspects. Being the first 3.0 subclass stasis was a nightmare in pvp at launch from coldsnapes to shitter ... i mean shatter dive while also being very good in pve because of the 3.0 nature and bleak watchers of course. However since stasis is balanced in pvp now and bleak watcher uptime being tuned down one of the main things carrying the use of stasis in pve atleast was elemental shards which is now also gone. And while stasis does work pretty well with the mod system too every other subclass especialy strand is integrated in the new mod system so much better than stasis, which is no surprise since stasis has been designed so long ago. At this point stasis is propably the weakest subclass in both pvp and pve although the use of stasis in pve was limited to bleak watchers anyway. Especialy with void breaches and fire sprites added stasis crystal arent anything "special" anymore. Just taking a look at how much more buffs/debuffs solar has for example ... the difference is incredible, the main buffs being: whisper of rime: overshield whisper of chains: dmg resist whisper of shards: grenade cooldown reduction (stasis crystal: explosive barrel) tool tip shows it as green so its technicly a buff compared to what other classes offer, stasis main identity being slow/freezing stuff and creating objects (crystals/bleak watchers/diamond lances) feels a lot worse developed. while stasis 3.0 system has been the foundation of all other 3.0 subclasses it has been kinda left behind by the other 3.0 subclasses and could use some revisiting for pve atleast.

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