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Please don't force difficulty on me, let me opt in

Tldr: I'm a player who wants to feel powerful. I want the baseline content to be more like pre-lightfall. I want the option to do higher-difficulty content on my terms. This isn't as fun as it used to be. Long read: I'm a casual player, like the majority of players. I do patrols, vanguard playlists, battlegrounds, and lost sectors for the most part. Once I gear up a bit each season, I might grind legend lost sectors and heroic nightfalls--maybe. I'm not having fun in patrols on Neomuna. I am not having fun in the battlegrounds playlist. I don't feel powerful; I feel slightly lucky I survived. It's a horrific slog with mediocre rewards. Defiant armor focusing is also giving very low-stat rolls. I haven't even attempted a normal strike in the playlist this season. I'm assuming it's going to be awful. I'm a casual player. I don't have a ton of friends who play this game. I'm here to enjoy space magic and the story you have crafted. I enjoyed the game more when it was clearer (at least to me) that everything sub-heroic/legendary was low-difficulty. It made the idea of dipping into the game and doing some activities a fun and relaxing diversion from normal life. It now feels like an effort I don't want to do. I want to choose when I do higher difficulty content. I don't want people who play this game on YouTube for their job to decide for me. I enjoy this game so much that I'm trying to fight through it because I paid for it, but I don't really want to. [b]I won't be paying for the Final Shape if the difficulty of sub-heroic/sub-legendary content isn't restored to something approximating pre-lightfall balance. Full stop. Bottom line. That's on period, sis.[/b] And to the reply guys who will say, "lazy casual wants to just breathe on enemies and have them fall over": Yes. Yes I do. I harness paracausal power. They should fall over. Thank you.

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