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3/25/2023 7:06:02 PM

Commendations are Sandbagging Solo Players

I play mostly solo. I'm the only player in my clan that hasn't left the game. I don't have a regular fireteam and I dislike LFG. Grouping up with random people usually means dealing with toxic players. I've literally had a guy tell me I should quit the game because he was pissed off about me dying in Duality. If I can do something solo then that's how I play. But now my "guardian ranks" progress is tied to commendations which I only get when playing matchmade content. If they're going to tie progress in G-ranks to commendations then there should be one for players that run solo content. Make it a category unto it's own. Call it "Lone Wolf" or some -blam!-. One commendation for every solo completed activity. It wouldn't be broken or exploitable, and actually be slower in progress than every source of commendations. It would provide feedback to other players about someone's playstyle (which is what I thought these were supposed to be for in the first place). I've been playing lightfall consistently since launch. I've got a commendations score of about 220. At this rate it's gonna be another month before I hit rank 7 and I've finished every other task. Even solo flawlessed a lost sector before they moved it to rank 8. I've got more than a half a million career kills. I just want to see some progress.

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