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3/25/2023 6:19:13 PM

Iron Banner--Pinnacle Subclass Requirement

Bungie, Why do you tell us you want us to play how we want but then turn around and force us to equip certain subclasses towards getting the Iron Banner Pinnacles? I started Iron Banner playing with Solar, then switched to Void--sometimes I like switching it up. It was around the 9th match that I decided to put on Arc only to realize I was receiving no progress towards my pinnacle after I had completed my 12th match. And then I saw that you only get progress for completing a match with either Strand, Void, or Solar equipped... You decided it would be a good idea to include 3/5 subclasses. Why? No idea. It honestly doesn't make sense. Let. Us. Play. What. We. Want. How. We. Want.

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