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3/25/2023 4:07:30 PM

Since all the Black Armory Forge sites still exist, why did they get sunset?

I was looking through the Black Armory locations and I was surprised to find that absolutely everything is still there. The sites for the Volundr Forge, the Gofannon Forge, the Izanami Forge, and the Bergusia are still present. Although I crash whenever I make it to Izanami All the same Black Armory Content was top tier. The season as a whole pushed bounties way too hard, but I bet in Destiny's current setup the Forges would thrive. The Raid especially was one of the best I've experienced from Destiny. I remember when the DCV was presented it was under the premise that some of that content could come back. In my opinion the whole Season was IP defining. Maybe it should come back as a permanent addition to the D2 experience

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