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SMS Verification problem

Hello everyone, I state today my problem after 1 week of relentlessness. Before starting, I'm sorry if the subject has already been opened and I would be delighted to have the link of the subject if it helps or solves my problem. I bought a few different DLCs, including the one that gives access to the RAID, but I can't launch RAID from the game because it asks me for additional verification. After some research, I realized that I had to verify my phone number on my Bungie account. So I went to the section of my Bungie profile "Email address and SMS", put my phone number and click on "sent the code", from there, a loading logo appears (on the right) and does not remove itself, even while waiting 4 hours in a row, nothing to do, the code never arrived. I specify that my email is well verified. So I bought DLCs with which I can't enjoy because of this problem. If some people have not noticed it yet with this message, I am French, so I use my French number and anyway, I don't have any in another country. I would have liked you to share a photo but I couldn't. Any additional information and help is appreciated. Thank you !

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