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3/25/2023 8:25:30 AM

My Mom Died Tonight - A Message to the Players

No joke, no troll. I was in Iron Banner when my sister called me to say our mom had died at around 10pm central time. She had battled cancer for the past 15 years but eventually lost today. I did get to see her 2 weeks ago as it was kinda expected soon, just not this soon. She lived in Jacksonville, Fl, and I am in Memphis Tn, so I hadn't seen her in 2 years. The point of this? Time is short. I think back all the times I ignored her call or didn't answer a text, a lot of it while I was in Destiny. I am 46, and my dad died when I was 13 ( on my birthday, actually) due to complications from Vietnam. My stepdad developed alzhiemers 4 years ago, so he does not remember much anymore these days. I have my wife, 2 kids with 1 on the way, and a sister. Outside of that , everyone is gone. I do not want sympathy or anything from anyone, although should you want to, donate to any cancer research. I just want all of you to realize that one day you waste is one you could have spent with family and will never get the chance at a redo. At the end of the line, it really is all you will think about, how much wasted time could have been better spent, how many times you ignored a call or faked being sick to get of a dinner or visiting. We all fight in here (forums) over the game (me being pretty bad), but at the end of the day, we are all humans and fragile along with the ones around us. Do not make my mistake of passing off time I could have spent with my mom but instead spent it in Destiny and other games. When it's gone, it's truly gone, my friends. Wow, it's not real until you say it loud or type it....take care of yourself and others, and remember there is a person on the other side of that enemy. Wish you all the best, and thank you for does help. David

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