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3/23/2023 9:18:11 AM

Cross Save Companion App Isues

I have cross save on my account and linked my steam account. My characters originated from my PSN account. Whenever I try to join a fireteam post on the companion app, I do not receive the invite at all. I have checked my privacy settings to make sure they are correct and I am still unable to receive invites. This is the same for people already on my friends list in-game. However I am able to send invites to other people and they receive them just fine. I did the character transfer and everything and I haven’t been able to find an article that properly addresses this. This is frustrating because I do not know how to do every activity in the game so having to always start the fireteam becomes frustrating. As a final note on the companion app I have tried “switching accounts” from PSN to steam only to be met with the message “no valid characters are linked to this account.” Any help would be greatly appreciated.
#Help #Ios

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