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It is done.

The Days Before the Fall Pt 8+


One of Us




The False Eternity




The Fifth Seed


Good evening everybody! This is Aifos coming to you alive with some pretty great news! I have finished it! It is done! My book! The one I have been working on for... A long time! A very long time! Just last night, however, after something like 8-9 drafts, I have finished my final reread, and the book is now done! Now, that is not to say you can buy the book, you cannot. It is not published yet. I still have to figure out if I'm self publishing or not, find a publisher and an artist, and all that fun jazz, but the writing itself is finished, and I am super excited about it! So, with that being said, I suppose you may now AMA! I can't promise I will answer whatever questions you may ask, but I shall answer whatever I can! On top of that, though, I decided to also dig up a bunch of my older writing that I've posted on here, so if you want a taste of my writing, here you are! [spoiler][url=]Poor Little Envy[/url]. The most recent thing I've written. You've probably seen it floating around. A little girl locked in the attic with a music box attracts the attention of an ancient darkness... [url=]Soul Hunter[/url]. In the City of the Dead, Witches have appeared, consuming people's souls for their dark magic. The SHA was founded to fight against them. In this time of conflict, a woman weakly makes her way down the road, with more secrets than she can bear... [url=]Burning Down the Psat[/url]. Number Six arrives in the City, and comes face to face with the mistakes of her past.. [url=]Pilot[/url]. A mercenary arrives at a space port, hunting down a criminal space frigate... [url=]Ghost[/url]. A ghost performs a ritual to bring herself back to life.. [url=]Death's Gate[/url]. After death, the recently deceased wake up in a game run by the Reaper Grimm. He offers a second chance at life to any who can complete his game. And of course, my favorite thing I've posted on here; The Days Before the Fall. Follow the story of Sybil, a gatherer faerie longing for change. Her chance comes, as food storage seems to be low this year, and she proposes a daring plan to get the extra food they need before winter's first snow... [url=]Part 1[/url] [url=]Part 2[/url] [url=]Part 3[/url] [url=]Part 4[/url] [url=]Part 5[/url] [url=]Part 6[/url] [url=]Part 7[/url] I wanted to also share the Selicy Cross stories with you, but I was a dummy and forgot to put a tag on it. Big sad. Bear in mind, some of these are quite old, so they aren't all top quality, but they're all at least decent, I think![/spoiler] But, that's not all! I have also decided that I want to write another story to share with y'all! A new one! A big one, like The Days Before the Fall! And furthermore, I will let y'all choose which ones I attempt! Let me emphasize the word [i]attempt[/i], though, because if it doesn't work it doesn't work. Still, I will attempt them in the order they are voted for; so first gets first priority, and if it fails I'll go for the second one, and so on. Like TDBtF, this will likely only be a single chapter, maybe two, broken up into parts. But without further ado, see the spoiler for details! Disclaimer: Most of these are old, and/or scrapped projects. Most were scrapped for a reason, so it's perfectly possible any given project may not work. [spoiler][b]More The Days Before the Fall[/b] - I love TDBtF, and didn't stop writing it at the end of that chapter. I still have a couple more chapters written down, and while I definitely can't share the whole story with you (I do want to publish it one day), I don't see the harm in sharing Chapter 2! Genre: Fantasy/Faeries/FAERIES [b]One of Us[/b] - Want a story about a cool edgy sniper? Well this is a story about a cool edgy sniper! The biggest pro to this story is I think I do a good job getting inside the protag's head. The first little bit is already written, and I would just try to finish it up. Genre: Sci-fi/Dystopia/Sniper Girl [b]Wimsik[/b] - The realm of faeries and demons have come together, and now the faeries are fighting for their lives. Their hopes were previously resting on a magic-scientist named Luci Wimsik, who created 7 weapons of mass destruction to fight against the demons, but Luci's sister, Suzanne, struck her down, stole two of the Wimsik Weapons, and used them to kill the other wielders. Just when all hope seems lost, three of the missing Wimsik Weapons reappear, having chosen new wielders to fight back against the demons.. Genre: Fantasy/Isekai?/Magical girl [b]The False Eternity[/b] - A girl is prophesized to bring about the end of the world on her 21st birthday. Now, with her being 20 years old, that day draws ever closer. The city of Argentum has taken precautions, and locked her away in a dungeon, but for some that's not enough. The flying city of Aerialis appears above the city hoping to find the girl, and kill her. This was actually the first full book I ever finished. It was hot garbage. I shall be completely reworking it. Genre: Fantasy/Sci-fi/Superhero [b]Delilah[/b] - Clan Filias, a vampire clan known for its unfeeling cruelty to humans. In the walls of its palace is the thrall Delilah, pet to the Prince. When a group of vampire hunters arrives, and starts burning the capital to the ground, Delilah escapes, and heads on her way to Clan Moiran, known for their efforts in human rights. On her way there, though, a mouth opens up on the back of her head, and she becomes a monster more terrifying than the vampires who once held her prisoner.. Genre: Fantasy/Vampires/VAMPIRES [b]The Fifth Seed[/b] - Living underneath the blessing of the World Tree has granted many humans the blessings of magic. To be a wizard is the highest honor, and Fen has awaited her whole life to be chosen by the Tree. When she stands before it, however, her wicked bloodline comes to light. She is called a Witch, and chased from the city. She would have died, but she was saved by another Witch known as Hilda. Hilda is not keen on babysitting, and so she offers to take Fen to the territories of the Sorcerers, where she'll hopefully be safe. Little do either of them know, the fate of the world rests on the shoulders of their quest... Genre: Fantasy/Witches/WITCHES And there we have it. Vote on your favorite, and I'll do my best to write the first chapter or two. Feel free to also list which order you like them in, and if your top choice fails I'll move your vote to the second when I go to choose them.[/spoiler] [b][u]Tl;dr[/b][/u] My book is done. It is not published yet, but it is done. To celebrate, I am hosting an AMA, so go ahead and ask whatever your heart desires. I cannot promise to answer every question, but I shall do my best. Additionally, I'm going to make another writing project like The Days Before the Fall to share with you, and you can even vote on which one! Details are above, in the second spoiler box. But that's all for now folks! Jambuhbye!

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