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11/30/2022 8:50:54 PM

Im so tempted to delete this game

The only reasons i dont is because my net has a hard time downloading games, and i just want this game to be better. Im gonna be honest i havent played this game almost all season simply because it feels bland and its showing with so many people leaving. Its sad to see one of my favorite ips dying. But i can really only blame bungie for this. For making the game as boring and tedious as possible. To make it hand over hand un fun. The core playlists have died imo and before i left i hadnt played but maybe 6 strikes this season because its the same thing. Gambit is not fun, and PvP is well The same old thing Long are the days of a good gameplay loop. Ive said this many times before but something at its core needs to change. Their needs to be a much bigger incentive to do things in this game. Strikes need something like Skeleton keys and strike specific loot outside of the nightfall as well as a heaping dose of new strikes. That is the biggest reason strikes are still played in D1 is because of said items being unique and on flavor with where you got them, that and with each expansion you at least got either a handful of new strikes or in the case of House of Wolves you got Prrison of Elders. PvP needs more maps period. Not rehashes but brand new maps at least 5-6. The sandbox in it has become so bland and boring that it just drags the whole experience down. And Gambit. Gosh i hate this mode. From the constant invasions with tracking rockets, to the prime evil melters, and Mote nabbers. This mode has become something i can stomach even a match of playing. And to be honest id be fine if it was just deleted. Raids can be fun but i think the playerbase is just the fault here. Their is to many who just want a carry and dont wanna put in the effort or their is to many that have absolutely asinine requirements like 200+ clears of a raid when they themselves dont fall under their own requirements. Granted you can make your own post but sometimes thats not enough to get it done. But knowing how far we are in this games life cycle i think its too late and the game will 100% die in the next two seasons if nothing is done. Players are frustrated and leaving for a reason and its time to open your eyes.

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