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publié à l'origine sous : What a boring ending :/
11/30/2022 7:23:19 PM

I was laughing really hard after I watched the cut scene. There was a ton of information crammed into a single cut scene. I have so many questions here. How did Mithrax know to make a tea and how did he connect it to Osiris and healing him? There's just a ton of gray areas here that could have been addressed next season prior to Lightfall. I would have wanted to see what Osiris saw and not just hear about it. So many missed opportunities here. And the people who are disappointed are making it all about Osiris and Saint-14. I get that it's a love story but having cut out all the stories in between just made it look forced and simply distasteful. It's not even an issue of being woke. It's simply the issue of REALLY BAD and lazy story telling.

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