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The State of the game

Nezarec Tea for starters was really freaking stupid he is a disciple of the Witness and a being of unimaginable darkness and we turned him into a refreshing beverage!? Worst season since Hunt and Worthy. For one thing I remember that when Trials of Osiris came out we got 3 maps from D1 in that season it was Cauldron, Anomaly and I can't remember the last one's name now we can't even get 1 map with the launch of an expansion when in D1 every DLC had like 2 to 4 maps launch with them!? And in Lightfall's YEAR we get 3. 1 new 2 old not even from Destiny 1 but D2 maps you took away. Now let's move on to Gambit it once had 3 modes and 6 maps now it has 1 mode and 4 maps it hasn't gotten new content since Forsaken's year 3 years ago that's a JOKE for any live service game I do not play Warframe anymore because I got bored but even they don't leave content to rot for that long without at least addressing it or removing it. Strikes next are Boring and dull, Nightfalls are actually kinda fun but Champions are the worst idea you've ever had in a game all about creation of AMAZING builds and power fantasies you force us to use certain things with Champions. And now Seasons themselves are Safe 1 note affairs instead of every season being truly unique and unexpected next season will be Exactly like this. A 3 by 8 grid leveling system, a 8 week story which will start strong get boring look like it's getting good again with a disappointing ending, either a 6 man matchmade activity or a 3 man matchmade one or a 9 man public event, and a whole pile of time gateing to make your small pathetic season look larger I'm not saying I expect a Expansion for 10 dollars but even our Expansions don't feel that big anymore and now Dungeons are separate and we have no secret missions. In simple terms I'm probably not buying Lightfall even though I REALLY want too because I Love Destiny but Bungie you haven't been returning that love to your fanbase for a long long time.

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