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[XB1/PC] Explore the Darkness with Order of Burning Light! Join BURN’s 8th & Newest Division: Discover the Secrets of Stasis with A Community-Only Discord Equipped, 800 Strong, 21 and Over Community!

[u][b]Order of Burning Light[/b][/u] [b]Division X:[/b] It’s that time again- OBL has expanded its reach toward world domination and opened our latest Bungie clan- OBL Division X! Now that we’ve moved our existing members in, we have an opportunity to welcome new Guardians into our community and share in all we have to offer. That means a new home for Guardians, their friends and family, who are searching for the right place to spend their Destiny time in an adult only, 21 and over atmosphere. Don't get stuck in a community that invites immaturity, and puts you in the same communication platform as complete strangers. You will only encounter folks 21 and over who are in OBL in our Discord, significantly improving the quality of the time we spend in our hobby :) [b]About Us:[/b] Founded in 2017 by a group of friends, OBL has grown into a community of nearly 600 Xbox BURNers and nearly 200 PC BURNers. This means nearly 800 Guardians at your back every day strapping on that OBL uniform. Our Admin team is chosen from all over the community & focused on implementing: community activities to PVE & PVP Sherpa programs, linking everyone together through Discord and much more to the benefit of BURNers everywhere. Even better- BURN is a 21+ community to ensure that any drama attached to immaturity is minimized. We are a community built on the concept of helping others, as long as they are willing to get involved in meeting and helping others in the community. [b]What can BURN offer me? [/b] Destiny is evolving more and more into a game that requires teamwork in a larger setting to advance efficiently. The artifact system, and even more so with unknown changes coming in Beyond Light make it essential for Guardians to have access to skilled comrades who will help them make the most of Shared Wisdom, Pinnacle/Weekly Clan Rewards/Engrams, and of course competent fireteams who boast success in all PVP & PVE Endgame content. [b]BURN Can Promise You:[/b] 1. [i]A mature, active and respectful environment for Adults[/i] to game with. Not only have our rules around respect allowed our community to thrive in a setting made up of all genders, races, orientations, nationalities, creeds, etc... but we all know what it's like to have real world responsibilities like jobs, families and other obligations. Destiny is not a job, and although most BURNers are active daily- it's obvious that there will be days, weeks where situations may keep us away. Unless you are passing 3 weeks of inactivity without letting us know you're coming back- you can relax in BURN. 2. [i]A streamlined Discord experience[/i] uniting 600+ Guardians and allowing you access to meet new faces, find & sign up for scheduled activities like Raids, get advice, & shoot the shit with far more clanmates than a single in-game Clan Roster makes available to you. 3. [i]A Clan Title system[/i] incentivizing BURNers to succeed in their area of interest- be it Raids, Crucible, Nightfalls, Gambit and more- there's always something to work towards to increase the Titles you hold in BURN. Be warned- we don't make them easy! 4. [i]The FriendGame![/i] In 2.5 years, BURN has seen many friendships develop. Whether they stay in game, or expand into "real life." Destiny is at its best when you can't even decide which fun group you want to enjoy it with each day, and you'll find no limit to that here. You won't be gaming alone, you won't have any shortage of laughs and good times- unless you decide to when it comes to us. [b]What Does BURN Require From Me?[/b] 1. [i]Respect for every BURNer. [/i]No matter our differences, no matter how frustrating a game experience may be on a given day(and these do happen even to us), no matter your skill level- we require all BURNers be treated with the respect they deserve. We are all responsible for our actions and words even in tough situations, and this rule keeps BURN an enjoyable place to be for all. We can and do ban for excessive disrespect of people or their time. 2. [i]Get Involved![/i] Our Tech team has worked hard to provide a Discord server that is chock full of features to help you make the most of the group experience. If you use these features, you’ll have no trouble finding Sherpas for Raids or the Trials goals you want to clear, get a fireteam to go farm bounties, grab a party to just hang out and BS while you do random things. Participate in Friday Night Drunken Crucible and laugh until the wee hours of the morning while slaying alongside BURners. And also- support the BURN streamers as they are usually helping others as Sherpas themselves! 3. [i]Ethical Gaming.[/i] Keep our clan reputation clean- we do not condone cheating, matchmaking/network manipulation or any sort of activity that is meant to cheat others or the system into gaining an advantage. BURN is full of highly skilled players at all aspects of the game who enjoy sharing their knowledge for anything that might be proving difficult for you- take advantage of their wisdom! [b]Who Is BURN Looking For Today?[/b] Our focus today is on bringing a few people into Divisions X (the newest on Xbox) and 5 (PC). The following are the type of Guardians we are looking for: 1. Any adult fitting our community requirements as described above, who likes what they hear about us and is able to join us in Discord as our primary commutation platform, get involved there and in supporting our Twitch streamers with follows & participation in chat. 2. Especially any Guardian who feels that they can contribute to the efforts of our Raid Sherpa or PVP Sherpa teams & strategy through their advanced skill and knowledge. Keep in mind that in BURN- skill does not give anyone reason to treat other BURNers with anything other than utmost respect. Our Sherpas & Streamers are unicorns: skilled, chill and not the types to blame others in difficult times. 3. We are mostly a USA based clan- however we do have a good sized population of GMT/CEST European folks who always appreciate more BURNers to play with. So our focus is always on populating both groups. [b]How Do I Join BURN?[/b] Just follow these directions CAREFULLY: [b]1. Respond to this Post and answer the following questions:[/b] - What is your gamertag? - What is your age? - What is your Time Zone? - Do you agree to use Discord for clan communications? - Which Division did you apply for? (IMPORTANT!) - Any info about your Raid/PVP experience you’re willing to share, as well as your goals (this is only to help us find potential sherpa program participants, advanced experience/skill is not required just appreciated). [b]2. Choose and apply to a BURN Division that's currently hiring. If you intend on bringing friends along, pay attention to the available slots we have for each:[/b] [b]Xbox - Division X:[/b] [i]20 Available Roster Slots[/i] [b]PC - Division V:[/b] [i]12 Available Roster Slots[/i] [b]3. If you are currently in a clan- leave your clan once you are applying to BURN.[/b] This is crucial to helping us get you in quickly before reset. As long as you read this post carefully and qualify for the requirements we have and followed the directions above- you will find a home here so don't worry about leaving your old clan before getting in- your new home is here. Once you have responded, you will receive a reply from me or another BURN Admin. You will receive a link to our Discord server[i] after[/i] you've fully joined your new BURN home. See you Starside and we look forward to seeing our new BURNers kick ass as we get closer to Year 4! VL6

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