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Modifié par TheBigBam1041 : 10/29/2020 6:29:55 PM

Calling all Xbox guardians! Clanvicts is recruiting! PVE and PVP players wanted. Semi Hardcore group with members who play daily.

[b]Looking for raiders/pve players as well as pvp players. You must be willing to help/play with others! [/b] New and Experienced players are both welcome here! We are a semi hardcore group that does both pve and pvp. We do everything activity the game has to offer pve (nightfalls, exotic quests, triumph hunting), pvp (iron banner, comp, scrims and trials) gambit, raid and raid challenges, as well as special events. Mostly all of us are USA Players in Eastern, Central, Mountain and Pacific time zones. HOWEVER, we do have a good handful of active UK admins and members which we are continually building on. Currently we are around 80 active members in total; ages of our members range from 16 up to 70. -There’s a time to be serious and of course a time to have fun especially during end game content. We hope you can balance both and be mature about it! -Zero tolerance for toxicity, insults or harassment towards other members. -Zero tolerance for cheating. -Discord is our primary method of communication . -Be active and play/communicate with other members! (We understand you have lives outside of the game. However around 2 to 3 weeks of inactivity (without an explanation will get you kicked from our group). -Don’t expect instant gratification (we all love to play but each of us has a some sort of school and work schedule). We ask that you be patient as schedules don’t always align. -Dedicated division leaders and sherpas (crucible, raids, gambit and vanguard). -Raids are most often held on weekends and week nights; it all depends. Ultimately we try to raid 6-10 times a week as a group. -Scrims are usually held once a week (sometimes more) on either a Wednesday or Thursday before trials. If you have any other questions or need any info please private massage me. I’ll get back to you as soon as I possibly can!

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