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10/29/2020 4:39:24 PM

Good job in the Launch Trailer, I hope this dlc turns out well..

Good choice of music for the Launch trailer, I almost didn't recognize the song at first. Good hype video I just hope this dlc turns out really well. I hope you listened to feedback from last year over Shadowkeeps story I'm hoping this has a longer story that feels like it draws to a conclusion, like a chapter in a book does. Shadowkeeps was in the air. Don't over rely on Lorebooks. We need the story to take place in game. Don't over expand a story over each season. Each seasons story should be like a chapter in a book but feel like a complete mini story with a proper ending, climax, and everything. Make the seasons more engaging. Don't over rely on cookie cutter arena modes. While a few are nice... it seems each seasons special thing is exactly that.

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