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10/29/2020 3:19:25 PM

Destiny Pentober Day 28

Day 28: Stasis Ash Parth was wondering within the darkness within his dream. Wondering. Curiosity was never his specialty. There was no sign of Dusk with him which was worrying to him, but the least Parth handles trouble without his Ghost by his side. He continues to walk aimlessly until he sees something. He can even feel a chill in the air. It didn't take longer until Parth encounters someone he was familiar with. Himself. But this duplicate was different. His eyes were the same but more darker blue. He was wearing the same armor set but in a darker tone. This sure reminds Parth about the time when he went into that Pyramid at the Moon talking about salvation. Deja vu. Sadly, Parth had no weaponry and only his knife and fists. Thankfully he is used to CQC so it won't be trouble. Asking who this duplicate is, the darker Parth approached and held something that looks like an icy Kama and holding it up to Parth. "Isn't it obvious of who I am, Ash Parth?" the darker Parth answers. "Have you found your own sense of salvation yet? Whatever 'redemption' you have been chasing through all your life? The endless fighting gets to your head, doesn't it? The pain and suffering that others give. Wouldn't it be better to have just kill them all? They glare. They spite." Parth was rushing at his darker self to silence his lies. But the darker Parth was behind already. This was nothing more but a dream and all Parth can do was wanting to wake up. "Do not deny, Ash Parth," the darker Parth continues on. "This," holding up the icy Kama, "is what you are looking for. Embracing the Darkness as that old man Drifter says when you go to kill. The power you wish to wield to continue to kill. Is this the salvation you wish to uphold? Or rather, I am your only salvation. Your own way of living. I am your destiny." Destiny? Rather this was some of the tricks that the Darkness was feeding him. Or would this be nothing more but a premonition of this power that he was hearing rumors from when he goes out to run bounties and when he was at the café to relax and read? Either way, Parth looked up this his darker self and back to the icy Kama that he was holding up for and tells his opposite, "I control my own destiny. When I have to deal with what comes in mind, I'll be the one to control it. Whether it was you the Pyramid sent to persuade me, it won't work. Now get lost before it gets worse." After saying those words, the darker Parth backed away with a grin and suddenly cracked like ice and said these last words, "Remember what the Darkness said when you'd silenced Nokris. Ancient power awaits you in Europa. Soon, Ash Parth. Very soon you will take this path and kill them all with this." With that, the darker Parth shattered like broken glass. That triggered Parth to wake up with some sweat pouring down. Was not the first time and reason enough he never sleeps too much. Some dreams would lead him to ruin and even despair of remembering the old days all shattered. Dusk noticed and asked Parth if he was alright. All Parth had to tell his Ghost was that it was just another bad dream. Or was it another premonition like the time within the Pyramid on the Moon and in that room when the Darkness possessed Dusk and informs him of this power. That cold power. Absolute zero. Stasis as he heard rumors of. When that time comes, as his darker doppelganger informs him, there might be a choice to make. But Parth always tells himself, in his fight for redemption, he will write his own destiny.

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